dog breeds that start with k


A powerful Turkish breed, is renowned for its protective instincts and loyalty." Image Idea: A Kangal in a guarding stance, emphasizing its strong, muscular build.

Karelian Bear Dog

Originating from Finland, the Karelian Bear Dog is a fearless hunter known for its courage and independence.


A Dutch breed, is loved for its plush coat and friendly, alert nature." Image Idea: A Keeshond with its distinctive 'spectacles' marking, looking alert and playful.

Kerry Blue Terrier

Hailing from Ireland, are versatile dogs known for their unique soft, blue-gray coat.

King Charles Spaniel

A toy breed from England, is cherished for its elegant appearance and affectionate temperament.

Kishu Ken

A rare Japanese breed, are valued for their loyalty and dignified demeanor.


Known for its distinctive corded coat, is a Hungarian breed with a strong protective instinct.


A small Dutch spaniel, is agile and friendly, originally bred for luring ducks.

Korean Jindo

Korean Jindos are known for their unwavering loyalty and intelligent, independent nature.


A Hungarian guard dog, is characterized by its white coat, intelligence, and courage.


A crossbreed known for their playful and affectionate nature, are great companions for families.


A German breed, are adaptable and friendly, known for their expressive faces.


Kelpies are renowned for their incredible herding skills and boundless energy.