dog breeds that start with b


Known for their incredible sense of smell and tracking abilities, Beagles are friendly and curious dogs, making them excellent family pets.


Boxers are medium to large, muscular dogs known for their loyalty, affectionate nature, and protective instincts, perfect for families.

Boston Terrier

The American Gentleman of dogs, Boston Terriers are compact, well-mannered, and known for their tuxedo-like black and white coat.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Originating from Switzerland, Bernese Mountain Dogs are large, strong, and gentle, with a tri-colored coat, excelling in companionship and farm work.

Bichon Frise

With a history of companionship to royalty, the Bichon Frise boasts a plush white coat and a cheerful disposition, ideal for families and allergy sufferers.

Border Collie

Border Collies are the epitome of intelligence and agility in the canine world, often crowned as the top herding dogs.


Bulldogs are synonymous with resilience and a courageous spirit, their distinctive wrinkled face and stocky build embodying a calm and dignified persona.

Belgian Malinois

Famed for their work in police and military roles, Belgian Malinois are intelligent, trainable, and possess a work ethic that is second to none.


Bloodhounds possess an unrivaled sense of smell, often used in tracking and law enforcement, and are known for their docile and kind nature.


Brittanys are energetic, eager to please, and known for their versatility in hunting and as family companions, with a distinct orange and white coat.


The Basenji, Africa's 'Barkless Dog', is known for its unique vocalizations, cat-like grooming habits, and a high-spirited personality.


Borzois are sighthounds, recognized for their speed, grace, and aristocratic appearance, once favored by Russian nobility for wolf hunting.

Belgian Tervuren

The Belgian Tervuren is a herding dog known for its intelligence, loyalty, and a striking coat that's rich in color and texture, making it a standout in both obedience and show rings.