Dog Age Calculator

Dog Age Calculator

Curious about your dog's age in human years? Use our accurate calculator to find out now!

It's a common belief that 1 dog year equals 7 human years. But is it accurate?

Myth of 7 Dog Years

Researchers have found a more accurate way to determine a dog's age in human years.

A More Accurate Calculation

A 1-year-old dog is similar to a 15-year-old human.

Age Comparison - 1 Year

A 2-year-old dog is similar to a 24-year-old human.

Age Comparison - 2 Years

The size and breed of a dog can influence its aging process.

Slowing Down

Small dog breeds tend to live longer than their larger counterparts.

Small Breeds

Larger dog breeds may mature more slowly but have shorter lifespans.

Large Breeds

Diet, exercise, and regular veterinary care can influence a dog's lifespan.

Factors Affecting Dog Age

As dogs age, they may face health challenges similar to aging humans.

Age-Related Health Issues

Use the World Animal Foundation's calculator to find out your dog's age in human years.