Deforestation Statistics

Exploring the alarming rate of global deforestation.

2020's Staggering Loss

In 2020 alone, 25.8 million hectares of forests vanished.

Disease & Deforestation

60% of emerging infectious diseases are linked to deforestation.

Shrinking Protected Zone

Just 18% of world forests are safeguarded from deforestation.

Major Deforestation Culprits

40% of deforestation results from ranching, farming, and plantations.

A Minute's Devastation

Every minute, our planet loses 2,400 precious trees.

Deforestation's Climate Impact

Deforestation contributes to 20% of greenhouse gas emissions.

US Tree Crisis

Each year, the US faces a loss of 36 million trees.

Amazon's Diminishing Majesty

Since 1970, a massive 17% of the Amazon has been lost.

Biodiversity at Risk

Deforestation pushes almost 1,000 species to extinction annually.

Brazil's Efforts

Brazil reduced Amazon deforestation rates impressively by two-thirds.

Global Impact

The ripple effects of deforestation impact ecosystems, economies, and communities.

Reversing the Damage

Collective action can help combat and reverse deforestation.

Your Role in Conservation

Every individual can contribute to forest conservation and sustainable living.