Cool Animals on the Planet

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Discover some of the most unique and fascinating animals that inhabit our world.

The Intelligent Orangutan

Master of toolmaking, they even use sign language in labs.

Instead of oinking, it makes a clucking sound like a chicken.

Indian Purple Frog

The Unique Croaker

The okapi can lick its own eyes and swat flies on its neck.


The Tongue Expert

Maintains ocean reefs by pruning them, ensuring their growth


Villagers wear masks with eyes at the back to deter these majestic cats

Bengal Tigers

The Fearsome Feline

With black and white fur, they are immune to most poisons

Honey Badger

Nature's Tough Guy

Swims with mouth open, scooping whatever swims inside


The Ocean's Lazy Chef

Swims with mouth open, scooping whatever swims inside


Most trafficked animal, their scales are sold on the illegal trade market


Immortal Jellyfish

Can revert to its original state and hatch multiple times

Komodo Dragon

Weighs up to 150 pounds and can eat 80% of its body weight in a meal


Known to play with pufferfish and experience a psychedelic high

The Playful Mammal

Nature's Marvels

From the skies to the depths of the oceans, our planet is home to incredible creatures