The Crowned Birds..

Origins & Habitats

Native to Oceania, cockatoos thrive in these regions, showcasing diversity.

Unique Crests

Each species boasts a unique, often colorful crest used in communication.

Language of Crests

Raised crests often signal excitement, curiosity, or alarm.

Sociable Birds

Cockatoos are known for their social behavior and bond closely with their flock.

Communication Masters

With a variety of vocalizations, cockatoos communicate effectively within their communities.

Lifelong Partners

Cockatoos mate for life, forming deep and lasting bonds.

Diet & Nutrition

Primarily herbivores, they enjoy fruits, seeds, and the occasional insect.

Forest Engineers

By stripping tree bark, cockatoos aid in forest health and regeneration.

Threats to Existence

Habitat loss and illegal pet trade pose significant threats to cockatoos.

In Captivity

When kept as pets, they require ample space and stimulation due to their active nature.

Conservation Efforts

Numerous organizations work tirelessly to protect cockatoo habitats and rehabilitate rescued birds.

Iconic Crest Display

The crest display, unique to cockatoos, is a mesmerizing sight.

Age & Wisdom

Cockatoos can live up to 70 years, accumulating wisdom with age.