Climate Change Facts

Written by Jen Flatt Osborn

August 14, 2023

Understanding the Reality of Our Planet

The earth is almost 1.1°C warmer than it was in the 1800s.

Earth's Rising Temperature

Annually, global sea levels are rising by 0.13 inches.

Rising Sea Levels

Deforestation contributes to around 20% of human-caused global greenhouse gas emissions.

The Impact of Deforestation

Wildlife populations have experienced a 69% decline in the last four decades. 

Decline in Wildlife Populations

1. Carbon dioxide  2. Nitrous oxide  3. Methane  4.Chlorofluorocarbons  5. Water vapor

Major Greenhouse Gases

Essential half of emission reductions by 2030 is needed to preserve the 1.5°C Goal. 

Emission Reductions Goal

In one square mile, mangroves store carbon equal to 90,000 cars annual emissions. 

Role of Mangroves

China, US, and India are the three major contributors of greenhouse gas emissions. 

193 countries and the EU ratified the 2015 Paris Agreement, pledging to limit global warming.

Global Commitment

Worldwide almost 304 billion work hours were lost due to heatwave in 2019. 

"Ignoring the problem and not taking personal responsibility for it would most likely increase it. Let’s be those people who do something!"

Our Responsibility