Clams – Anatomy, Ecology, Types, And Even Recipes

Clams: Delicacies of the Sea

Dive deep into the world of clams, their anatomy, significance, and culinary delights

What are Clams?

Clams are invertebrates, belonging to the Mollusk group. They are also known as shellfish

Anatomy of Clams

Clams have super-hard shells, adductor muscles, and a mantle. Their shells grow continuously.

Food Source and Ecology

Clams are filter feeders, consuming plankton and forming symbiotic relationships with algae

Species & Types of Clams

Over 15,000 species of clams exist worldwide, including Soft Shell Clam, Hard Shell Clam, and Pacific Razor Clam

Lifespan of a Clam

Lifespan varies by species. Some live for only six months, while others can live up to 500 years!

Clams in Culinary Delights

Clams are a staple in many cuisines, from clam chowder in the US to clam dishes in India.

Fascinating Clam Facts

Clams have no arms, legs, or heads. They can produce pearls, and they play a crucial role in the ecosystem

Clams as Pets & Pearls

Clams make low-maintenance pets and can produce pearls valued between $400 to $2000