Chiweenie Dog

Chiweenie Dog

What is a Chiweenie?

What is a Chiweenie?

Known as the german taco, weeniehuahua, and Choxie, the Chiweenie is a mix of Chihuahua and Dachshund breeds.



Full of intelligence, energy, and tenderness, they are high-energy dogs that love to cuddle.

Adaptable Living

Chiweenies can adapt to various living styles due to their compact size.

About the Breed

A designer breed, the Chiweenie is a cross of Chihuahua and Dachshund parents.

Breed History

First appeared around 1950-1960, intentionally bred in 1990 to resemble Dachshunds without back problems.

Chiweenie Facts

Not suitable for households with young kids, long lifespan, insane barkers, least slobbery, and heat tolerant.

Chiweenie Appearance

They have floppy ears, muscular bodies, and short legs. Varieties in size, weight, coat type, and color.

Personality Traits

Energetic, protective, fierce yet loving, and bonds closely with one family member.

Training Needs

Intelligent and easy to train using positive reinforcement methods.

Caring for a Chiweenie

Requires minimal grooming, frequent brushing, and regular nail trimming. Watch out for potential health issues.

Adopt, Don't Shop!

Many Chiweenies are in shelters. They make perfect pets for singles, couples, and households with older children.