Chicken Factory Farming

The Unseen Truth

The Demand for Chicken Meat

The world's growing hunger has led to the rise of factory farming, prioritizing production over welfare.

Chicken Factory Farming Systems

Chickens are either crammed in battery cages for egg-laying or crowded in pens for meat.

Sad Statistics

25,000 factory farms in the US cram birds into tiny cages, slaughtering thousands daily.

 Life of Layer Hens

Tricked with artificial light, they lay up to 300 eggs a year, suffering physical injuries.

Broiler Chickens

Raised for meat, they reach their goal weight in just 40 days, facing a painful end.

Dark Side of Factory Farming

– Chickens live in their waste, suffer from harmful practices, and face cruelty daily.

Health Concerns

Factory-farmed chickens offer toxin-laced meat and eggs, leading to antibiotic resistance in humans.

Environmental Impact

Factory farms produce massive runoff, contaminating water sources and causing pollution.

What Can You Do?

Support free-range, buy local, lobby against factory farms, and back animal welfare organizations.

Chickens deserve a life free from cruelty. It's time to advocate for change.