Chicken Factory Farms

Conditions and practices of chicken factory farms.

Overcrowded Conditions

Chickens are crammed into filthy sheds by the tens of thousands, unable to breathe fresh air or see the light of day.

Deprivation & Stress

The stressful environment leads to severe health problems and aggressive behaviors among the birds.

Growth & Weight

Chickens are bred to grow so quickly that their bodies cannot keep up, leading to painful deformities.

Short Lives

Most chickens are slaughtered when they're just 6 weeks old, despite having a natural lifespan of 10-15 years.

The Slaughter Process

Chickens are hung upside down and slaughtered on a conveyor belt system.

Free-Range Misconceptions

Even "free-range" chickens often live in overcrowded conditions with limited access to the outdoors.

Forced Molting

Chickens are starved to restart their laying cycle, a cruel practice known as forced molting.

Health Risks

 Factory farms are breeding grounds for salmonella, avian flu, and other diseases.

Environmental Impact

Chicken factory farms contribute to water pollution, soil degradation, and deforestation.

Workers' Plight

Workers in chicken factories often face dangerous conditions and are exposed to harmful diseases.

Antibiotic Overuse

Chickens are routinely given antibiotics, leading to antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Natural Life of Chickens

In contrast, chickens in the wild live in small flocks, roost in trees, and have a varied diet.