Cat Statistics 2023

Dive into the world of cats. Discover intriguing statistics about our feline companions.

Shelter & Adoption

3.2 million cats enter shelters yearly. 100,000 are returned to owners. Cats make up nearly half of all shelter animals.

Physical Prowess

Cats can jump 5–6 times their height. The longest recorded cat leap? 7 feet!

Environmental Impact

Cats caused 63 species extinctions. They've impacted 27 mammal species.

Ownership Stats

32% of pet owners in 2022 were millennials. Total pet expenditure? A whopping $136.8 billion!

Millennial Spending

The US has about 73 million feral cats.  Their lifespan is shorter than house cats. TNR is the best control method.

Did You Know?

The oldest cat lived 38 years. Cat gestation? Around 63–67 days. Maine Coons can weigh up to 25 lbs


Cats: Beloved, mysterious, and impactful.Every statistic tells a unique tale.