Border Collie - The Intelligent and Affectionate Canine

Border Collie: The Smarty Pants of the Dog World

Originally bred in Scotland, the Border Collie is known for its extraordinary herding instincts.

About the Breed

Border Collies are hard-working, intelligent, and versatile. They excel in various canine sports and have even starred in films!

History of the Border Collies

Originating from the English-Scottish border, they are a mix of Roman herding breeds and Viking Spitz strains.

Border Collie Facts

Known as one of the most intelligent dogs, they're highly trainable and have been companions to royalty like Queen Victoria.


Medium-sized with smooth or rough coats, they have an athletic build and a captivating gaze.

Size & Weight

Males are typically larger, with an average size between 18-22 inches and weight between 30 to 44 pounds.

Coat Varieties

They come in both rough and smooth coat variations, each with a unique charm.

Exercise Requirements

A high-energy breed, they require at least an hour of intense exercise daily.

Food & Diet

A balanced diet with proteins and healthy fats is essential for their well-being.

Grooming Needs

Regular bathing, coat brushing, and ear & eye cleaning are vital for their health and appearance.


Intelligent, loyal, and beautiful, the Border Collie is truly an all-rounder breed.