Betta Fish Laying at the Bottom: Causes & Solutions

Betta Fish Laying at the Bottom: Causes & Solutions


Betta fish, also known as Siamese fighting fish, are one of the oldest species of domesticated fish. But why might they lay at the bottom of their tank?

It's not uncommon for Betta fish to lay at the bottom of their tank. Sometimes, they're just resting or sleeping.

Common Behavior

Swim Bladder Disease

This condition affects a fish's buoyancy. Symptoms include difficulty swimming and laying at the tank's bottom

Breathing Heavily at the Bottom

If your Betta is at the bottom and breathing heavily, it could indicate stress, disease, or poor water conditions

Sleeping vs. Dying

Bettas can sleep in unusual positions, including floating on the surface or laying at the bottom. Observing their breathing can help differentiate between sleep and health issues

Upside Down at the Bottom

An unusual position, but sometimes Betta fish might sleep or rest in strange orientations.

Fin Rot Disease

Fin rot can be identified by white or gray patches on the skin, frayed fins, and loss of appetite. It requires prompt treatment

Aging Betta Fish

As Betta fish age, they might become slower and prefer resting at the bottom. Their lifespan in captivity is typically 2-4 years.


Betta fish are complex creatures. Understanding their behavior and ensuring their well-being is crucial for a happy, healthy fish