Benefits of Neutering Your Dog

The Importance of Neutering Dogs

Discover the behavioral and health impacts of neutering.

The Pet Overpopulation Problem

Millions of dogs and cats enter shelters each year.

Preventing Unplanned Puppies

Dogs can produce up to 30 litters by age 11.

Health Benefits of Neutering

Neutering reduces risks of various cancers and diseases.

Spaying Females

Reduces risks of ovarian, uterine, and breast cancer.

Neutering Male Dogs

Lowers risks of hernias, prostatic disease, and testicular cancer.

Debunking Myths

Neutering doesn't make pets fat; overfeeding does.

Behavioral Benefits

Neutering can reduce aggression and marking behaviors.

Keeping Pets Closer to Home

Neutered pets are less likely to roam and face dangers.


Neutering costs less than caring for unplanned litters.

Be a Responsible Pet Owner

Play your part by neutering your pets.