Australian Shepherd

Origin & Ancestry

Contrary to its name, the Australian Shepherd originated from Spain and was developed in the US. Historically known as the Cowboy's herding dog

Distinctive Looks

Medium-sized, athletic breed with a height between 46 and 58 centimeters. Their coat can be diverse in color, and their eyes may be marbled with brown and blue

Loyal & Intelligent

Highly energetic, protective, and known for their intelligence. They can outsmart their owners and are eager to please.

Health Considerations

Prone to certain conditions like hip dysplasia, progressive retinal atrophy, and other inherited illnesses. Regular vet checks are essential.

Feeding the Aussie

Their active nature requires a balanced diet of proteins, healthy fats, and vegetables. Monitor their weight and adjust food portions accordingly.

Keeping Them Engaged

They thrive on mental stimulation and physical activity. Training is easier due to their intelligence and eagerness to please.

Coat Care

Regular brushing is essential, especially during shedding season. Their luxurious coat may require grooming every two to three days.

Home for an Aussie

They love outdoor activities and need space to run and play. A fenced-in yard is ideal for them to burn off energy.

Did You Know?

Australian Shepherds were originally called "blue dogs" and were renamed after being moved to America. They gained popularity in the UK only in the 1980s.

Is an Aussie Right for You?

Perfect for experienced dog owners who love outdoor activities. Their high energy and intelligence make them a unique addition to any household.

Embracing the Australian Shepherd

A blend of beauty, brains, and energy, the Australian Shepherd is a loyal companion that brings joy and activity to any home