Animal Testing Statistics: Unveiling the Truth

The Cost of Animal Testing

Billions are spent on animal testing. This money could be better utilized for alternate solutions.

Cell-Based Alternatives

Cell-based alternatives for skin allergy tests showed improved results, ranging from 72–85%.

Public Perception

41% of UK nationals believe animal testing organizations are secretive

Non-Animal Testing Methods

Almost 50 research tests are available that don’t include animal testing

The Scale of Animal Testing

In 2018, 12.3 million experiments were conducted on animals in Europe

Nobel Prize and Animal Testing

Almost 70% of Nobel Prize achievers made discoveries via animal testing

Public Opinion in the U.S.

52% of adults in the U.S are against animal experimentation.

The Reality of Drug Testing

95% of the drugs which prove potency in animals have failed in humans

The Cost of Pesticide Testing

One registered pesticide costs 3 million dollars to test.

The Global Impact

In 2015, an estimated 192.1 million animals were used for scientific purposes worldwide.