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The ShepherdFit Active Harness is specifically tailored to address the common issue of pulling in German Shepherds. With its thoughtfully designed features, this harness is an essential tool for effective leash training and managing a strong breed like the German Shepherd.

Understanding that German Shepherds are naturally inclined to pull, this harness comes equipped with a front leash clip. This design choice shifts the point of leverage, facilitating better control during walks without causing discomfort to your dog. The no-pull front clip is particularly useful for training purposes, helping to correct pulling behavior gently and effectively.

Additionally, this harness for German Shepherd enhances safety for both your dog and those around you. Its secure design prevents nervous or overly curious dogs from escaping, ensuring peace of mind during walks. 

This harness is more than just a dog accessory; it’s a practical solution for creating a safe and enjoyable walking environment for your dog and others.

Whether you’re navigating busy streets or enjoying a peaceful stroll, this harness is an excellent aid in maintaining control and ensuring the safety of your loyal companion.


Size Weight Girth
X-Small 5-10 lbs (2.26-4.54 kg) 9-15″ (22.86-38.1 cm)
Small 10-25 lbs (4.54-11.34 kg) 13-23″ (33.02-58.42 cm)
Medium Up to 55 lbs (25 kg) 18-29″ (45.72-73.66 cm)
Large Up to 75 lbs (34 kg) 22-39″ (55.88-99 cm)
X-Large 75+ lbs (34+ kg) 28-44″ (71-112 cm)

Additional information

Weight 0.6 kg

XS, S, M, L, XL


Black, Dark Green, Khaki

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ShepherdFit Active HarnessShepherdFit Active Harness
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