9 Best Dog Leashes For Pullers

best leads for dogs

I walk our dogs pretty much every day; sometimes twice a day. It’s my favorite way to get a break from work and enjoy the fresh air.

But walking a dog that constantly pulls is not enjoyable at all for me or, I assume, for them.

Walking large dogs that pull can be dangerous as they are strong enough to knock you over. I’ve fallen on ice in the winter because of a pulling dog, and it is not an experience I want to repeat!

It can also be harmful to your pup. Pulling puts a lot of strain on their neck and throat. It can also increase their anxiety or cause them to be more reactive and engage in aggressive behaviors.

A good leash can help make walking dogs that pull much more enjoyable!

Note: Working with a dog trainer can do wonders for helping your dog stop pulling. Be sure to search for a good dog trainer in your area that can help.



Most Versatile

HALTI Training Lead For Dogs

  • Size: Large
  • Material: Nylon

Best Bungee Leash


  • Size: Medium & Large
  • Material: Neoprene

Leash Combo


  • Size: Medium
  • Material: Aluminum

Best for Multiple Dogs

SparklyPets Heavy Duty Rope Bungee Leash

  • Size: Medium
  • Material: Nylon, Leather

The Upgraded Classic

BAAPET Strong Dog Leash

  • Size: Medium
  • Material: Nylon

Best for Large Dogs

Black Rhino Dog Leash

  • Size: Medium & Large
  • Material: Nylon, Neoprene

Best Long Lead

Hi Kiss Long Lead

  • Size: Medium
  • Material: Nylon

Budget Friendly

MayPaw Heavy Duty Rope Dog Leash

  • Size: Medium
  • Material: Nylon

Best Leather Leash

FAIRWIN Leather Dog Leash

  • Size: Small
  • Material: Leather

The Best Leash Options If Your Dog Pulls

Let’s look at some of the best leashes for dogs that can help with leash pulling.

1. HALTI Training Lead For Dogs

best dog leash for pulling

The Halti leash is a unique double-ended leash that gives dog owners multiple options. There are clips at both ends of the lead, giving you seven ways to configure it.

You can change the length of the leash, giving you more control over your dog.

You can also connect both ends of the leash to your dog and then hold onto the loop. This means you could attach it to a harness clip on your dog’s chest as well as a head collar.

training leashes for dogs that pull

Halti sells head collars which can work wonders because they allow you to gently control the direction of your dog’s head.

I like that this leash gives you so many options. Often, I don’t know what’s going to work for my dogs and end up purchasing multiple products in my quest to find what works.

This versatile double-ended leash lets you test out a bunch of options without having to buy more stuff.

Other Features

  • Comes in sizes large and small and either red or black.
  • Made from soft, padded material.
  • 78 inches long, with options to make it into a short leash or hands-free leash.


  • The reviews are full of stories of dog owners who are so glad that they discovered this dog leash because nothing else was working for them.
  • The company was founded by an animal psychologist. Halti specializes in creating solutions for dogs that pull.


  • Since there is no one leash handle, I question how comfortable this leash is for pet owners to hold onto if their dog is still pulling.

HALTI Training Lead For Dogs

The price of “HALTI Training Lead For Dogs” varies, so check the latest price at

2. EzyDog ZERO SHOCK Leash

best leash for dogs that pull

This Zero Shock dog leash has a bungee section that will help absorb the force if your dog jerks, lunges, or pulls while on a walk. This can really help pet owners of super strong dogs.

The leash has a padded neoprene handle which can save your hand from rope burn.

On the 48-inch version of this leash, there is also a traffic handle which is nice for keeping your dog close if you’re navigating a crowd or are passing by another dog.

best dog leashes for pullers

I have a shock absorption leash for my dogs and it definitely saves my arm from being yanked off if they lunge for something. I do still find it exhausting to hold onto if they pull constantly for the entire walk.

I think this style of dog training leash is best if your dog jerks and lunges, but isn’t pulling all the time.

The Zero Shock leash is meant for large dogs. They do sell a “lite” version for smaller dogs too.

Other Features:

  • The leash has reflective stitching for low-lighting visibility.
  • Comes in 12 color choices and 2 length options.


  • This dog leash is effective for extremely large dogs that are super strong, like pit bulls (or a pit puppy), labs, or malamutes.
  • It has a fabulous 4.7-star rating out of over 1,000 reviews.
  • You can purchase a coordinating no-pull harness and collar from EzyDog.


  • This leash is more expensive than some of the others but I do think it’s one of the best leashes available.


The price of “EzyDog ZERO SHOCK Leash” varies, so check the latest price at

3. IOKHEIRA Dog Leash

best leashes for dogs that pull

This is a shock leash that is multifunctional. The leash has a bungee section to absorb some of the force from when your dog pulls.

You can actually adjust the length of the leash from four feet to six feet depending on your dog’s size and how much freedom you want them to have.

There is a traffic handle up close to the collar so that you can quickly gain more control when you need to.

dog leash for pulling

This dog leash, with reflective threads, also functions as a seatbelt with a car safety buckle.

But wait, there’s more! (You know, like the infomercials?)

If you purchase a second dog seatbelt, you can combine it with this leash to create a double dog leash for walking two pups at once. I have a double dog leash, and it is fabulous!

Other Features

  • Leash can be adjusted from 4 feet to 6 feet for sizes from Small-Large.
  • D-ring at the end of the handle can be used to hang accessories.


  • It has a rounded and padded handle to protect your hands.
  • All of the hardware on this high-quality leash is metal for good durability.


  • This leash is meant for big dogs that pull. If you have small dogs, this is not the leash for you.


The price of “IOKHEIRA Dog Leash” varies, so check the latest price at

4. SparklyPets Heavy Duty Rope Bungee Leash

leash to stop pulling

The SparklyPets rope dog leash has a lot of handy features. It comes in two sections that can be used separately or together.

There is the 43-inch rope leash and then the bungee extension that you can add on to make a 68-inch long leash for dogs that pull.

There is also an extra handle up close to the clip on the bungee section so that you can easily gain control of your dog when needed

best dog leashes for large dogs

You can purchase a one or two dogs option. If you have two dogs that pull, you can hook them up with the same leash and not have to worry about leashes getting tangled. I ordered a double very quickly after we got our second dog because of all the leash tangling.

This dog leash was specifically designed for strong dogs that pull when you try to walk them. It’s also chew resistant dog leash!

Other Features:

  • Soft padded handle.
  • Reflective stitching.


  • This dog leash is heavy-duty. It’s made of thick nylon rope with leather joints.
  • It comes in some really beautiful colors!
  • It is quite affordable for such a high-quality, versatile leash.


  • The traffic handle is not padded and could be hard on your hands, but you don’t usually use this feature for long periods of time.

SparklyPets Heavy Duty Rope Bungee Leash

The price of “SparklyPets Heavy Duty Rope Bungee Leash” varies, so check the latest price at

5. BAAPET Strong Dog Leash

large dog leashes

This rope leash for dogs that pull has my favorite style of handle. The foam-padded handle keeps your hands comfy when your dog starts to pull hard (believe me, I know!).

The leash itself is made out of a strong, 1/2-inch climbing rope. It clips to your dog’s collar or harness with a metal clip that can swivel 360 degrees.

best no pull dog leash

It comes in a wide variety of colors as well as lengths. You can get a leash ranging from two feet long up to six feet long.

Shorter leashes are generally best for leash training or for locations where you want to keep your dog extra close, like a festival or farmer’s market.

Other Features

  • 5 feet long leash made with the strongest 1/2 inch diameter rock climbing rope.
  • 13-inch length ergonomic foam handle.


  • This company offers a 100% money-back guarantee on this durable leash.
  • The leash uses a hard plastic cover at the point where the lead and handle come together. I have the previous version of this leash and that part started to break, so I’m happy to see they’ve made this improvement.


  • It doesn’t have the features many of the other leashes have, like a traffic handle or bungee. But it is a high-quality leash for leash pullers. Nice and simple!

BAAPET Strong Dog Leash

The price of “BAAPET Strong Dog Leash” varies, so check the latest price at

6. Black Rhino Dog Leash

leashes for dogs that pull

Black Rhino is known in the pet industry for making heavy-duty pet products that also prioritize comfort. This dog leash from them is no different!

It is made of thick nylon webbing with colored neoprene padding inside of the two handles. There is the usual handle at the end of the six-foot leash as well as a handle one foot from the clasp.

best leashes for big dogs that pull

Included is a matching poop bag pouch that can attach to the leash. I occasionally forget the poop bags when I leave with my pups for a walk, so having a pouch attached to the leash would be a nice bonus!

I like the striking look of this leash. splash of color from each neoprene padded handle is fun!

Other Features:

  • It is made of weather-resistant materials.
  • Reflective threads are stitched throughout the leash.


  • This leash for dogs that pull is nicely flexible and lightweight. Some of the other ultra-durable leashes seem a bit heavy.
  • You can get your pup a matching comfort collar with interior neoprene padding.
  • Black Rhino offers a “no hassle” money-back guarantee if you’re not happy with the leash.


  • The metal hardware is likely too heavy for small dogs.

Black Rhino Dog Leash

The price of “Black Rhino Dog Leash” varies, so check the latest price at

7. Hi Kiss Long Lead

leash for pulling

A long leash can be really nice for recall training, camping, or playing fetch at the park. This allows your dog to feel off-leash without actually being off-leash.

If you have a super strong dog, they could end up snapping a thin nylon long leash.

This rope leash is made of more heavy-duty materials than your basic long lead. If your dog runs to the end of the lead and does some intense leash pulling, no worries.

leash for dogs that pull

The leash won’t get easily tangled or caught on stones and brush on the ground because of the rounded rope. The metal clip can swivel 360 degrees to help avoid twists and tangles.

It comes in a huge range of lengths, from 15 feet all the way to 100 feet. You can get it in a wide range of bright colors too.

Other Features

  • Highly visible colors: Rainbow/orange/red/blue/pink/purple
  • 100% money back guarantee


  • This leash floats, so you could play fetch at a lake and not worry about the line sinking.
  • There are so many uses for a long line. If your dog doesn’t come when called, this can give them a lot more freedom to explore everywhere you go.


  • The longest versions are probably best for larger breeds as the weight of the leash could be too much for little ones.

Hi Kiss Long Lead

The price of “ Hi Kiss Long Lead” varies, so check the latest price at

8. MayPaw Heavy Duty Rope Dog Leash

best dog leash for large dogs

If you want to great, heavy-duty rope leash for a low price, this dog leash by MayPaw will withstand some serious leash pulling from your furry friend.

The rope is made of 1/2-inch diameter lightweight nylon. You can choose from a wide range of lengths as well as fun colors and patterns.

best dog lead

The leash has a soft, foam-padded handle to save your hands from rope burn. Plus, it uses heavy-duty metal hardware.

When dogs pull, you want to protect your hands and make sure the leash doesn’t break. This basic leash has you covered in both areas. And it’s cute!

Other Features

  • Ten sizes in length available
  • Comes in 25 different colors and patterns


  • They sell leashes that are thinner in diameter for small dogs that pull.
  • This leash has 4.6 stars (out of 5) from over 15,000 reviews. Amazing!


  • The foam padding on the handle may wear out over time. But given how comfortable it is to use, I wouldn’t mind too much.

MayPaw Heavy Duty Rope Dog Leash

The price of “MayPaw Heavy Duty Rope Dog Leash” varies, so check the latest price at

9. FAIRWIN Leather Dog Leash

dog leashes that prevent pulling

If you want a leash made out of natural materials that won’t break when your dogs pull, this leather leash made by Fairwin is top quality.

Leather leashes are known for being quite durable, but this one is even more so. It is made of extra-thick genuine leather and copper clasps. The copper clasps can handle up to 500 pounds of pull force.

The leather around the handle has been edged to make it more comfortable for your hands. Leather can be kind of sharp without this feature.

dog leads for large dogs

The length is 5.6 feet which is the perfect length for daily walks. You can choose from either brown or black on this leather leash.

Just remember that leather leashes and leather collars take a bit of regular care to keep them in great condition.

Other Features

  • It can carry 500 lb pull force.
  • Easy to tie on dog collars or chest straps.


  • The woven details near the clasp and handle are beautiful and may provide a bit of shock absorption for leash pulling.
  • Fainwin provides a satisfaction guarantee for this leash.


  • You should not let your dog chew on this leather leash as it is not chew-proof.

FAIRWIN Leather Dog Leash

The price of “ FAIRWIN Leather Dog Leash” varies, so check the latest price at

Things to Consider Before Purchasing Dog Leashes for Pullers

Leash pullers require slightly different considerations when it comes to choosing the best dog leash that will last a long time.

A lot of the reviews on the leashes from this article show that pet owners have gone through multiple leashes before finding one that was durable enough for their dog.

Paying attention to the following factors will save you some money and frustration as you shop for the best chew-proof dog leashes for pullers.


Most of the leashes on this list for dogs that pull are made of nylon, and for a good reason. Nylon makes a super durable leash. It’s also quite lightweight, can get wet, and is easy to clean.

If you want a natural material, leather leashes are the go-to choice for pulling dogs. Leather is known for its strength and for lasting a long time. Leather is less slippery than nylon, so it can be easier to grip.

Pet parents will also want to consider the material of the handle. When you have dogs that pull on the leash, it can wear out your hands in a hurry if there isn’t some kind of padding.

Foam and neoprene are both popular choices for handle padding.

On a leather leash, you will want to make sure that the leather around the handle has been “edged” so that there’s not a sharp edge on your hands.


Think about the purpose of the no-pull leash you’re shopping for.

If you want it for going on daily walks, you might want a different length than if you want to use it while camping or at the beach.

In general, with a shorter leash, you have more control because your dog won’t be able to get too far away from you. This can also be safer for both you and your dog.

If your dog pulls from further away, it can throw off your center of gravity and cause you to fall.

If your dog runs to the end of a longer leash and then pulls, it can hurt your dog’s neck.

Most basic leashes for large dogs are 5-6 feet long. From there you consider if you’d prefer something longer or shorter.


As you consider the best leash design for your puller, it kind of comes down to a bungee leash or a classic leash.

While a bungee leash will absorb the shock of your dog pulling, it doesn’t do anything to train your dog not to pull in the first place.

A dog trainer will recommend using a classic nylon leash without any give to it to practice leash manners.

The other thing to consider when it comes to design is if you would like a traffic handle on the leash or not.

If your dog is pulling like crazy and you want to keep them close for maximum control, a handle right up close to their dog collar is a great feature.

Traffic handles don’t do much to help with little dogs, though, because you’d have to bend over too close to the ground to reach the extra handle. If you have a short dog, don’t worry too much about if a leash has a traffic handle or not.


How much can you afford to spend to help create a more enjoyable walking experience for both you and your dog?

There is a wide range of prices, though there are plenty of affordable options on this list for leashes made out of super durable material.

Leather is generally one of the most expensive leash materials, though pet owners love that it is natural and long-lasting.

If your dog is a chewer, you might be better off spending a bit more on a leash that is chew-proof since it could keep you from having to purchase multiple leashes over time.


It can be stressful to walk a dog that pulls all the time. Unfortunately, dogs end up at the animal shelter regularly because pup parents just don’t know what to do with them.

Like retractable leashes, a no-pull leash can be a super helpful piece of the puzzle that will help both you and your dog enjoy getting out and about together.

I hope this article has helped you figure out what’s most important to you in a leash so that you can pick the best one for you and your dog.

Christine Lynn
Christine lives in western Colorado with her husband, mother, and two small dogs. Christine grew up with many different big dogs as well as multiple cats. A year after they got married, she and her husband got a cockapoo puppy that stole their hearts (love at first sight is definitely real with dogs!). Years later, they adopted a Chihuahua mix from a local animal shelter. Christine has taken each of her pups through multiple training courses to help with behavior and anxiety. She has cared for her cockapoo through two knee surgeries and many other health concerns. Christine has been writing professionally on a variety of topics for six years. Her work has been featured on many well-known blogs and websites. She especially enjoys the opportunity to share her passion for responsible pet care with the world. Her hobbies include reading, watercolor painting, and hiking (with her dogs, of course!).

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