Can Puppies Have CBD? Benefits and Precautions for Your Fur Babies!

puppy cbd

I’ve always been a Doberman Pinscher person, and, in 40 years of owning Dobermans, CBD oil (Cannabidiol) has never been much of a thing for dog parents. Lately, it’s on a roll, becoming one of the most popular alternative health options for dogs and a focus of new puppy owners’ curiosity.

CBD oil for dogs is no different than Cannabidiol oil for humans. It comes from the stalks, leaves, and flowers of the cannabis plant. It’s typically extracted using solvents, which break down the barriers containing the oil and separate it for extraction. Fun stuff. I imagine those that have the job of extracting it think it’s fun stuff as well.

CBD oil is mostly marketed as a natural health alternative, treating young puppies to older dogs for separation anxiety, joint support, inflammation, teething, and for its calming effects in general. As far as natural supplements go, it’s one of the better ones. However, there are some reasons for caution.

Can Puppies Have CBD?

can puppies have cbd

In general, giving CBD to a newborn puppy is not recommended; it is safe to administer CBD when they reach at least 4-5 months of age. But it’s definitely something you should consult with your veterinarian about.

As a Doberman owner, I’ve had to deal with some of the breed-specific ailments that Dobies often have to deal with, and I always consult with my vet before I proceed with anything new.

While my Dobermans are distinct and tend to have different hereditary ailments than other breeds, some are worth mentioning as they apply to dogs as a whole. That includes a handful of issues that all dogs tend to deal with as puppies. My oldest is 5, and he’s as calm as a cucumber.

His little sister (Athena), however, she’s a different story altogether. She’s high-energy and suffers from separation anxiety, chewing issues, stress, and excessive barking. CBD has done wonders for her. Dobies are fiercely intelligent, and CBD calmed her and made her much easier to support and train.

If you’re wondering whether you can give puppies CBD, it’s worth having that conversation with your vet. For me, the advantages outweighed the minor risks, and my puppy’s health, support, and state of mind have always been my top priority.

Is CBD Safe for Puppies?

can puppies have cbd

CBD can be safe for puppies when administered appropriately and under the guidance of a veterinarian. However, it’s essential to use CBD products specifically formulated for pets and ensure proper dosing to avoid any potential adverse effects.

Compiling research on whether or not CBD is safe for puppies is difficult because there isn’t any outside of a few small and specific studies. However, the American Kennel Club, AKC, agrees that there is anecdotal evidence that Cannabidiol is good for treating pain in puppies and most dogs. It’s also good for treating dogs prone to seizures.

The AKC also recommends only purchasing organic CBD for puppies while sticking with premium, well-known brands. They also advise many dog parents to look for certifications and only purchase high-quality CBD oil with accredited certifications in terms of organic quality.

You also need to ensure that the THC content is as low as possible. With hemp oil, that’s a non-factor, but it’s something you have to keep an eye on with Cannabidiol. CBD liquid is also the best and safest administration method for puppies. Dog treats and a variety of other CBD products can come later.

As a new puppy owner, too much CBD is something you want to avoid. It may end up doing the opposite of what it’s for and give your puppy more anxiety, along with exacerbating the issue you’re trying to treat. Puppy CBD oil is the best route, but it’s extremely important to get the dosage right and administer no more than the right amount per day.

Can a dog overdose on CBD? While CBD is considered safe for puppies, too much of anything never turns out well for anyone, which leads us to the next topic.

How Does CBD Impact a Puppy?

CBD impacts a puppy in a number of ways. According to GoodRx Health (based on a study from the National Library of Medicine), CBD affects puppies in much the same way it affects humans. These potential side effects include appetite changes, lethargy, and diarrhea.

Keep in mind, that with proper dosage, side effects are minimalized. Dosage matters, whether you administer CBD for puppies via liquid, CBD treats, in their food, or through toys. Puppy CBD oil is the most effective way to measure and administer doses to your dog.

The AKC, along with GoodRx Health are in agreement when it comes to CBD for puppies where the quality of the CBD is concerned. You should never administer a CBD product that comes from an unknown source, is cheap, or lacks a Certificate of Analysis.

You also shouldn’t administer CBD for puppies without consulting with your veterinarian. The discomfort caused by overdosing on CBD for dogs is not worth it. CBD for puppies is supposed to be a safe, alternative health supplement, and it no longer is if you’re giving your puppies way too much.

Fortunately, even if you administer CBD at too high a dose, the above-listed reactions are generally mild. Also, CBD for puppies won’t get them “high” unless they are super sensitive to the very low amounts of THC in CBD for puppies (0.03% or lower).

Since we’re dealing with puppies here, the weights in question range from 5 to 15 lbs. The general rule of thumb is to administer 1mg per 5 lbs of body weight. So, 1 mg for a 5-lb puppy and 3 mg for a 15-lb puppy. If your puppy is teething, it targets the two things that cause it, aches and inflammation.

However, for teething puppies, you have to focus on two areas. The first is redirecting the teething behavior to an appropriate dog toy. The second is to administer CBD to relieve the symptoms of teething and chewing. Now, chewing is not the same as teething, but if you properly redirect teething to the right puppy toys, the chewing thing will take care of itself down the road.

How to Look for the Best CBD for Puppies

cbd for puppies

First, determine why you want to purchase CBD for your pup. Are they chewing incessantly? Are they experiencing discomfort or having trouble with hyperactivity and whining? Are they not going to sleep at night? Cannabidiol is good for a lot of things, but personally, I would never self-medicate unless it’s a last resort or recommended by my vet.

I ultimately chose the cannabidiol path but only after I went through the above and consulted my vet. My Doberman’s energy is still high, but her training is easier, she’s no longer chewing, the worry over reactionary biting is gone, her weight is great, she gets plenty of sleep, and her brain is consistently engaged.

Sure, we had to adjust a few things, but she’s a fantastic dog that never required crate training (I loath crate training) and shows all the signs of a healthy temperament. When you’re ready to go the CBD route, there are a few things you need to look for, some of which I mentioned above.

  • Certificate of Analysis
  • Purely Organic
  • Vet-Recommended Brands
  • Premium, well-known brands
  • Excellent user reviews and support

It might be thought of as marijuana for dogs; however, it is anything but. Keeping the above bullet list in mind, you will find the right CBD that most effectively relieves the symptoms in your dog that is problematic.

This is especially true if you have pups like mine, which are generally viewed as “scary” canines (Dobermans are nothing more than alert lap doggies). It’s crucial to work on how they behave around other pets and people early on, and CBD will help with that.

My personal choice is Honest Paws Well Oil since it meets all of the above criteria. It’s easy to measure the amount, and it comes in several varieties. Whether you have a hyper dog that jumps all over the furniture or one that just refuses to sleep at night, Honest Paws reviews has something for that.

Benefits of Giving CBD to Puppies

is cbd bad for dogs

A normal, comfortable experience with your new puppy is essential for both of you, and that’s one of the major benefits CBD provides.

  • Makes your puppy more comfortable
  • Helps a hyperactive puppy sleep at night
  • Improves your ability to engage in training
  • It helps with inflammation
  • It helps with joint pain and support (and pain in general)
  • It’s great for a puppy or an adult dog
  • Helps the dog’s owner sleep well at night

In my experience, CBD is also great for training. It tends to improve joint mobility even in my older dog (I like to keep up the training well into old age). Training is an essential experience for all canines, but some are more able to focus. For those who can’t focus, Cannabidiols are often the answer.

There’s oil for Dogs with cancer and oil for dog seizures as well. Ultimately, the benefit is extensive, and looking to alternative health answers is normal and often the best decision.

Side Effects of Giving CBD to Puppies

is cbd oil safe for dogs

As far as detrimental side effects of giving puppies CBD are concerned, there are only a handful, and they include the following:

  • Dry Mouth
  • Low Blood Pressure
  • Lethargy
  • Sleep
  • Mild gastrointestinal upset

Other than these, I do have some personal observations as well. I’ve always been careful about the amount of CBD I give my pups, all the way back to when they were puppies. However, you still observed some instances of abnormal behavior.

The good news is, in all the years I’ve been a dog owner, I’ve never seen a bad symptom from Cannabidiol. With Athena, she would sometimes get lethargic late in the day, which made sense.

The calming side effect always helps when it’s training time, regardless of what I’m teaching her to do and regardless of her or her brother’s age. As a lifelong Doberman owner, I’ve never observed a negative side effect that bothered me.


Can I Give My 6-month-old Dog a CBD?

Yes, you can. The only factor you have to keep in mind is how much your canine weighs, rather than age. Give your pup 1 mg of Cannabidiol per 5 lbs of body weight.

What’s the Ideal Age to Start Administering CBD to My Dog?

As the owner of a puppy, you don’t have to worry about age. However, it’s a good idea to wait until your pup is at least 5 lbs before you give them their first 1 mg dose. You should also consider MCT oil for canines as well, as it’s showing a lot of promise in the vet industry.

Can I Use CBD Oil to Calm down My Puppy?

CBD is great for calming down your puppy. As a new owner, it’s often tough to deal with an excitable pup, and the best CBD for hyper dogs will certainly help with that.

Does CBD Help in Making Puppies Sleep?

Cannabidiol is known for helping pups sleep, and it certainly helped with mine. Even today, Athena is a high-energy Doberman, but she doesn’t face a lack of sleep!

Final Thoughts

I love and regularly use Cannabidiol with my Dobermans. I also think you’ll find that once they’re past the puppy stage, you won’t need it as much unless they’re dealing with an ailment.

As a side note, when it comes to hemp vs. CBD, don’t confuse hemp and Cannabidiol since they aren’t the same (though both are good for your doggies!) If your pup is dealing with a ton of anxiety, is extremely hyper, or is hurt, talk to your veterinarian about CBD. You’ll be surprised at most vet’s openness and its efficacy in the short and long term!

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