Can Dogs Have Human CBD? Expert Insights You Shouldn’t Ignore

Can Dogs Have Human CBD

My dogs are my constant companions, especially since I write for a living and stay at home with them all day. Naturally, this means I share a lot of what I consume with them. As human beings with an affinity for pets, we naturally want to make our pets happy and share our own resources with them.

When it comes to human CBD oil, however, there are a few things to be concerned about. For obvious reasons, dog CBD oil is made for dogs, while human CBD oil is formulated for people. Some human CBD products contain Xylitol, which is highly toxic to dogs, according to veterinarians and the Merck Manual.

The cannabinoid receptors in dogs are also five times more sensitive than they are in humans, which is why anything that contains a THC dose above 0.3% is potentially dangerous to dogs. Fortunately, most CBD products only carry trace amounts of THC. With that being said, can your dogs have human CBD oil or human CBD?

Can Dogs Have Human CBD?

can dog have humen cbd oil

For the most part, dogs can have human CBD, so long as you know what’s in it and avoid THC, additives, fillers, and xylitol. Human CBD, like pet CBD, is derived from hemp plants and cannabis plants. However, far more CBD comes from hemp than cannabis.

One of the first things I learned before giving my Doberman CBD oil was to avoid the CBD derived from the cannabis plant since it’s more likely to contain THC.

The market is absolutely saturated with CBD for humans and pet CBD, with both including CBD oil, CBD treats, full spectrum CBD, and various types of CBD oil specifically formulated for certain ailments or conditions. With all of those products out there, it’s understandably confusing when you’re looking for something that you and your dog can share.

The primary things you need to avoid are the things I listed above, but most especially Xylitol. Additives and fillers are potentially dangerous to dogs, as is THC. However, Xylitol is basically like giving them rat poison. Dogs do not react well to it.

Dosing is another consideration. If I give my dog human CBD oil, I always ensure that it’s dosed for her level and not mine. I’ll cover dosing specifically for dogs in more detail below.

I always prefer CBD oil for dogs, but you know how it is—life gets crazy, work gets crazy, and you end up running out of pet CBD oil, and all you have left is human CBD oil. So long as you know what’s in it and how much to give your dog, it’s not much of a problem.

If you’re dealing with a behavioral or sickness issue, it will get you by until you can order more or go down to the store and pick some up. After all, it’s not as if CBD products are hard to come by these days.

At the end of the day, however, pet CBD oil products are formulated for dogs better than any human CBD oil alternative. They use safe ingredients with a focus on flavors and scents that dogs adore. My Doberman, Athena, is far happier taking her Honest Paws than she is any of my human CBD oils.

THC Content in Dog CBD Vs. Human CBD

THC  in Dog CBD Vs. Human CBD

The presence of THC in human CBD oil (or any human products that contain CBD, for that matter) is generally small. As I mentioned above, CBD is derived from hemp and marijuana plants, with THC far more prevalent in marijuana plants than hemp. Plus, THC in CBD products for humans is only okay in states where it’s legal, or you can get a special medical card to purchase it.

It’s important to remember that CBD and THC are not the same things. Both come from the same plants, with hemp providing far less of it, and have different effects on the body. CBD pet companies don’t manufacture CBD products with THC in them. If there is THC, It’s so minimal that it has a negligible effect on your pets.

A dog’s central nervous system is far more sensitive to THC, so you simply won’t find it in pet products. If you decide to give your pet CBD oil for humans, it’s highly essential that you check the ingredients label first. Though I know that pet CBD oil should be THC-free, I still check, mostly out of habit.

CBD products for pets should be free of essential oils, fillers, any kind of additives, and THC. There are a lot of CBD benefits for pets, but not if they have any of those additives in them. Pet CBD products are also clearly labeled as such, so there should be no confusion between what’s yours and what’s your pet’s.

Another thing you should know about when it comes to pet CBD is the spectrum, which comes in three varieties: Full Spectrum, Isolate, and Broad Spectrum CBD. The best pet CBD products are the ones that are Full Spectrum. That’s because it has everything in it that has any potentially nutritious value to your pet. Full Spectrum contains terpenes and flavonoids in addition to cannabidiol.

Now, a Full Spec CBD offering typically has a negligible amount of THC, and the other compounds work together in what is called an “entourage effect.”

CBD Isolate only contains cannabidiol and nothing else. Broad Spectrum CBD is a bit different. Where Full takes the entire plant and extracts the compounds, Broad extracts the compounds one at a time and later combines them for the most desirable effect. Broad Spectrum CBD contains zero THC, unlike Full.

Effect of Administering CBD Oil for Humans to Dogs

can i give my dog cbd

The effect of administering CBD oil for humans to dogs is determined by how you do it. First and foremost, when I give my dog human CBD oil, I make sure I dose it properly. Not only are they more sensitive to the content than I am, but they also have higher metabolisms and weigh less.

That’s harder to do than you think. Human CBD oil doesn’t provide dosing criteria for pets, so you have to break the product down and pull the information from reputable sources or compare the human CBD oil to the dog’s CBD oil.

Giving your dog human CBD oil without checking it could cause a number of problems, depending on your dog’s receptivity, size, and metabolism. Almost anytime you introduce something new for your dog to consume, you run the risk of giving them an upset tummy.

Since I like to feed my dogs a raw diet, there are occasions when they eat dog treats or dog food that end up messing with their digestive system.

If your dog gets a hold of your human CBD oil or other CBD product, there are a number of symptoms to look out for.

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Lethargy
  • Loss of appetite
  • Ataxia
  • Tremors
  • Incontinence
  • Hyperesthesia
  • Confusion
  • Sedation

Unless your dog eats a ton of the wrong kind of human CBD oil, it will probably be okay. However, if the symptoms persist or worsen, it’s best to contact your veterinary office as soon as possible. Never give your dog human CBD oil unless you know exactly what you’re doing and how much CBD oil to give.

As long as you give your pet human CBD oil in the right amount, without the additives and fillers, your dog will get exactly what it needs out of it and no more. The health benefits are roughly the same.

Guide to Interpreting a Label on a Pet CBD Product

can you give dogs cbd

Pet CBD labels are pretty self-explanatory as long as you know what you’re looking for. Before I give my dog CBD oil, I always go through the label before I even make the purchase. I typically give my dog the same CBD product I always do, whether it’s the dog’s CBD oil or CBD dog treats.

Occasionally, I’ll try something new, such as CBDfx, which I’ve found to be an excellent product as well. Honest Paws Calm Oil is my favorite CBD oil for dogs since my female Doberman has long had an issue with anxiety, especially of the separation variety. I try to avoid giving either dog human CBD oil, mostly because I prefer Honest Paws and know it through and through.

With that being said, I’ve learned how to break down and separate the best CBD oil for dogs or CBD treats. Here are the things you need to look for:

  • Look for CBD or hemp extract as the primary ingredient (MCT oil or hemp seed oil are the correct carrier oils)
  • Accept only organic ingredients because hemp acts like a sponge, absorbing pesticides and herbicides
  • Pay attention to the storage instructions and make sure you’re not close to the expiration date
  • Third-party lab testing is a must because you only want verified lab results from a reputable company that doesn’t have any bias toward the manufacturing company
  • Only purchase organic full-spectrum CBD, and you will find that information under the type of CBD in the ingredients

I only give my dog organic CBD oils or products because I’m well aware that hemp will soak up everything around it while it’s still in the soil. That goes for giving your pet human CBD oil as well.

Besides, who wants trace amounts of pesticides or herbicides in their own CBD? You should never give your pet human CBD oil unless you know it checks all the boxes that CBD oil for dogs does as well.

Daily Recommended Dose

can you give dogs cbd oil

If you’re out of dogs CBD oil, it’s a good idea to know exactly how much to give them in terms of human CBD oil dosing. Giving human CBD oil to a dog should never be done frivolously. So, how to give CBD oil to dogs when it’s manufactured for humans?

The only things you have to worry about are the things I discussed above. Make sure there are no fillers, additives, Xylitol, or more than 0.3% THC in the product every time you’re giving human CBD oil to your dog.

Other than that, the dosing instructions remain the same. You may have to get a little creative because you’ll probably be dealing with a much smaller volume that has a higher density of CBD.

Only give your dogs 2 mg per 10 lbs of body weight. You can break that down to 1 mg per 5 lbs of body weight if it makes it easier for you to measure out small amounts. A 150 lb (ca. 68 kg) dog would get 30 mg per dose, and a 10 lb (4.54 kg) dog would get 2 mg per dose.

The right dosage and careful consideration of the ingredients will keep human CBD oil safe for dogs. Any time you buy CBD oil, you should ensure that it’s specifically formulated for dogs or cats. However, in a pinch, you can use the human variety.

Avoid CBD isolate, but dog or cat full spectrum and broad-spectrum are tailored for the unique needs of your pets, and that’s where your focus should be.

What We Recommend

While there are very few hardcore studies on CBD for dogs and cats, there are some. Cornell, Colorado State University, CannPal (an Australian-based therapeutics company)have conducted trials and studies indicating improvements in pain management, reduction in seizures, and reduction in atopy. Its also shown promise in cancer treatments, stress reduction, and help with anxiety.

Knowing what we know about CBD improvements in the lives of our animals, its recommended that you go with Honey Paws or CBDfx CBD products for either your dogs or cats. While giving your dogs human CBD oil might be okay a time or two, especially if its organic and additive free, I don’t recommend doing it very often.

Its best to stick with what works and what’s manufactured specifically for your pets. Their best interests are at stake, whether that’s behavioral or physical.


How to Determine If CBD Will Help Your Dog?

Determining if CBD will help your dog is a matter of observation and sticking only with the best products. You will know it’s helping if you observe a reduction in symptoms, an overall behavior improvement, and improvements in your dog’s athleticism, general movements, and willingness to physically interact with you and your family.

Should I Visit the vet Before Administering CBD Oil for Humans to My Dog?

You should always consult with your vet before administering anything new to your dog, including CBD and especially CBD oil or products specifically formulated for human consumption.

How Much CBD Oil Should I Give My Dog?

The general rule of thumb is to give your dog 1 mg per 5 lbs of body weight or 2 mg for 10 lbs if that helps you measure it better.

What Are the Three Basic Types of CBD Products?

The three basic CBD products that pet owners should be aware of are CBD isolate, full-spectrum CBD, and broad-spectrum CBD.

Final Thoughts

While human CBD products might be worthwhile in a pinch, you have to be sure that the product is absent of Xylitol, fillers, additives, and THC. If there is THC in the product, it should be less than 0.3%. However, these cases should be few and far between.

It’s far better to ensure you have a solid supply of pet CBD so you don’t run out. You should never give your dog CBD randomly or as a laugh. As a pet owner, it’s important to be aware of the potential side effects of giving CBD to your dog without understanding it first.

If you love CBD and have dogs, there are a ton of potentially helpful advantages that CBD products formulated for dogs can offer. It helps with hyper dogs, seizures, and arthritis as well. Consider the benefits of dog CBD, and always stick with the doggy version!

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Thomas Godwin is passionate about animals and the outdoors. Holding a degree in Creative Writing, he's combined his love for nature with his skills. At home, he's busy caring for his chickens and Appleyard ducks. He often spends time at the Gulf Coast of Florida, enjoying the local wildlife. Biking through nature trails is another favorite pastime, where he observes animals in their habitats. Thomas also crafts campers and loves kayaking on the Blackwater River. His family, including his wife, two daughters, and their two loyal Dobermans, Ares and Athena, often join him in these adventures, sharing his enthusiasm for nature and animals.

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