When Do Cats Start Shedding?

Cat shed

Cat shed is natural, and it could also be a sign of skin conditions or hormonal imbalance; this could also be a sign of them growing old or suffering from some significant problems. 

We understand how much messy it can get when your cat is in shedding season. Cat owners would do anything to protect their cats from shedding.

You need to know the reasons why is your cat shedding so much. Most indoor cats shed because of seasonal allergies or there is something absent in their diets that may cause fur shedding. Remember there are some tips that you should try during the time your cat is losing excess hair.

Never pet them roughly, always brush off the extra hair, keep a moderate temperature around them and do daily combing which will keep their hair coat smooth.

You can solve the issue by trimming the cat’s hair short and keeping them checked by a veterinarian on time.

Why Do Cats Shed?

how long do cats shed

Adult cat hair grows faster than kitten fur, which means more hair loss! Some seasons, like spring and fall, make cats shed more. Pet owners do not need to stress out during these times.

Indoor and outdoor cats have different schedules for hair loss, and even short-haired cats shed depending on several reasons. Your cat might be suffering from feline hyperthyroidism; this is most common in adult furry pets. 

Kittens start shedding when kitten’s fur makes space for adult fur, and during that time period, they tend to shed more hair.

Your furry pet might be shedding because of dead hair, and that’s nothing to worry about. Your pet has more chance of excessive shedding because they are long-haired cats and need a hair trim like humans.

Pet owners, you need to understand that healthy indoor cats do shed naturally, and it is absolutely normal for your furry friend to lose some hair. You can remove dead hair on your cat by soft petting or brushing.

When does the cat start shedding? How do they feel when a cat’s hair continues to fall? Excess shedding can leave bald patches on your cat, making them look shady. Cats are superior animals and will not like being seen in such a way. Cat’s fur is like a cat’s coat protecting them from getting hurt. 

Outdoor cats lose a tremendous amount of hair, but because they live outside, the cat parents would not face common nuisance! You will not have to keep a vacuum cleaner active all the time! Their skin follicles are meant for harsh weather, and even their fur won’t shed as much as indoor pets.

When Do Kittens Start Shedding?

Unlike humans’ hair, cat hair is soft fur and needs natural temperature control to prevent early hair loss problems. Kitten owners must keep a strict eye on when their indoor kitties start shedding. It could be related to the cat’s health issues.

You need to look into their grooming routine and see if they have visible bald patches. Your kittens start shedding at the age of 6 to 12 months. It is because kitten’s fur is changing into adult hair, and the felines are changing from soft fur to coarser hair.

Even if the kitty is perfectly healthy, it can have excessive shedding. Shedding results in bald spots, making your kitten aggressive and sometimes depressed. Shedding can also start because of poor health, diet issues, and excessive oil on the body.

Cat lovers, you do not need to be worried about why your kitten has started shedding because it is essential for them; otherwise, they may have skin irritations. Kittens lose hair because they are young and active, to keep themselves clean, they do excessive grooming, which results in hair loss. 

So, dear kitten parents, it is okay to find downy fur around your space; you can make something fun out of them! Well, maybe a shoe of cat fur! Let’s get back to the point where we were. 

Outdoor cats lose fur, and most cats tend to spend their life grooming themselves as they like to be cleaned, which can cause unusual hair loss. You need to keep an eye on your cat if they are doing unusual grooming, they might have lice or other hidden problems going on.

do cats shed

What Causes Excessive Shedding?

Cats shed because of allergies or some severe illness. Some would do anxiety-induced over grooming which results in excessive hair loss. Cat’s skin develops irritations if they do not have hair fall. 

You need to seek veterinary attention if your cats shed more hair than usual. They often do self-grooming, which is the most significant contributor to hair loss. Shedding depends on the body temperature of cats as well. They might be facing some parasitic or ingrown infections or other symptoms.

Pet parents, do you know that your cat might be shedding because of the season’s change or her hair is being brushed a lot? You must check that. Some have winter coat like fur, which will shed even more than your expectations. 

The amount of hair your furry pet has will cause excessive hair loss, especially in older cats. Older cats shed more, till the time they are old and they would also stop self-grooming. This would cause mutated hair, resulting in dust bunny-like balls all around your home!

do cats shed hair

Are There Cats That Don’t Shed?

Yes, readers, there are cats with no fur. They are a non-shedding breed cat. They have skin with lesser hair, or you can say no hair. Even if they age, they won’t suffer from furry loss problems. 

They require no brushing or don’t even get affected by seasonal change. They are cute and pinkish. These cats shed zero hair.  

Some cats do have fur and still do not shed at all. Even if they spend time in sunlight which causes fur loss issues, they won’t cause such problems. 

If you are tired of adult fur or older cat shedding all the time and cannot bear the excess shedding, then the best solution is to get a breed that does not show such signs even during seasonal changes. 

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Cat spends most of their time relaxing in sunlight which is the main reason behind their fur loss as the daylight makes their skin oily. Cats start shedding at a young age until they are grown up; this does not mean that this will stop because, at older ages, furry pets stop taking care of themselves, making the fur shed off even more. 

Cat hair is soft and smooth, and if you are not gentle while petting them, your hand will be full of their fur! Cat owners need to enjoy this experience because we can cope with anything for these lovely creatures, is it not right! 

If your cat has issues related to cat shedding, you may need to consult with a vet or check their diet. Sometimes your furry pet takes food with allergens or some internal illness, resulting in excessive fur loss. 

We are hoping that this article has helped you with the answer to why healthy cats shed and what are the possible causes and cures for that.

Please keep visiting our website to find out how you can prevent your fluffy ones from serious damage, bald spots, and severe illnesses, and even help them maintain their silky glowing fur! Let us know if you have any queries in the comment box.

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