Skoon Cat Litter Review – the Most Eco-friendly Option

skoon cat litter

Skoon Kitty Litter is a biodegradable, plant-based cat litter. It’s advertised as safer and greener than traditional litter for cats. If you ever found yourself chained to a tree singing songs and like cats, this litter might be what you were looking for.

Cat parents dislike chemicals, additives, and allergens and are generally green, like Skoon Cat Litter. So, again, if you are driving a Tesla or another EV and have cats – this Skoon cat litter review might help you choose the right product.

Even though these are non-clumping litters, they are great at odor control. In addition, the bags are lightweight and portable. However, Skoon Cat Litter may be too pricey for families with multiple cats or huge litter boxes.

My Skoon Cat Litter review is based on how it performed for me in real-world conditions. It is an eco-friendly, biodegradable litter that controls smells and is simple to clean. Depending on your demands and budget, other products may be preferable.

What Kinds of Litter Skoon Offers? 

Skoon came to the pet market with an environmentally-friendly cat litter crafted from natural plant ingredients. It comprises diatom pebbles instead of powder. The Skoon company saw an opportunity to provide its customers with a variety of litter solutions based on its eco-green approach, and boy did they deliver: 

1. Skoon Unscented Litter

Skoon Unscented Litter

Skoon Unscented Cat Litter is a biodegradable, eco-friendly cat litter made from natural plant materials. The company claims it is safe and gentle for cats and better for the environment than traditional clay litter.

This is an unscented litter, which may appeal to some users who are sensitive to fragrances or prefer a more natural smell in their litter box. 

It has excellent odor control, outstanding absorbency, and forms no clumps. It is also praised for being lightweight and easy to carry, as well as being environmentally friendly.

skoon all-natural cat litter reviews

Skoon Unscented Cat Litter may be too pricey for multi-cat households or big boxes, according to some users. Also, for allergy sufferers, the litter might be dusty. 

Skoon All Natural Cat Litter is an eco-friendly litter that masks smell and is simple to clean. It may appeal to people sensitive to scents or who want a natural litter box smell. Let’s now take a look at Skoon cat litter pros and cons.


  • No smell whatsoever, completely unscented
  • The most environmentally friendly option on the market when it comes to cat litter
  • No artificial dies, scents, or chemicals 


  • This product is a bit expensive when compared to other popular cat litters (but with extra cost comes the eco-friendly benefit if you prefer that)

Skoon Unscented Litter

The price of “Skoon Unscented Litter” varies, so check the latest price at

2. Skoon Lavender-Scented Litter


 If you have a cat, you probably already know how vital it is to have effective odor control and a simple product to clean up after. Skoon Lavender Scented Cat Litter offers just that.

This eco-friendly cat litter is made from natural plant materials and infused with lavender fragrance, providing an aromatic and calming environment for your cat. In addition, its biodegradable formula is gentle on your cat’s paws and the environment, making Skoon a win-win for pet owners and nature lovers.

Users have praised this type of litter for being lightweight and cost-effective. It is also clump-free, making maintenance easy. You don’t need to scoop up urine chunks anymore.

Skoon Lavender-Scented Litter

Additionally, reviews of this product are overwhelmingly positive due to its calming lavender scent and effective odor-control properties, which create a pleasant atmosphere in your home. I agree, as I’ve gotten the same impression.

If you’re looking for an effective, eco-friendly way to keep your cats happy while taking care of the planet, I suggest trying this out.


  • A nice soothing lavender smell that revitalizes as soon as the litter is used
  • Easy maintenance
  • Eco-friendly and safe to use even on sensitive cats


  • Not everyone likes the smell of lavender or added scents into an eco-friendly product
  • Skoon cat litter doesn’t scoop as well since there is almost zero clumping involved

Skoon Lavender-Scented Litter

The price of “Skoon Lavender-Scented Litter” varies, so check the latest price at

3. Skoon Lemon-Scented Litter

Skoon Lemon-Scented Litter

 Sometimes, our furry friends can leave us with something to remember them by – smells. Skoon Lemon-Scented Litter has got you covered! It is a HIGH ABSORPTION litter that guarantees great odor control and makes it easy for you to manage multiple cats in the household. 

No more scooping wet chunks or constantly having to refill! This litter is non-tracking, low dust, hypoallergenic, and eco-friendly. And for a bonus, the all-natural lemon scent will make cleaning up after your cat a much fresher experience – without chemicals, added fragrances, or perfumes. 


It’s the perfect choice for all of us who want to take care of our kitties’ health and well-being but also don’t want their little poop soldiers hanging around much longer than necessary!

So when life gives you lemons, you get yourself some Skoon Lemon-Scented Litter and create a happier life for your cat family.


  • A fresh lemony zesty smell
  • Almost no dust
  • It doesn’t have a chemical smell; instead, it is very relaxing to breathe in, so this product is welcome in my book.


  • If you want pure eco that isn’t a scented litter, go for the above-unscented option. But if you like the smell of lemon, I highly recommend getting this cat litter. Every time your cat uses the sandbox, your home will start smelling like you would imagine in one of those sunny tropical places.

Skoon Lemon-Scented Litter

The price of “Skoon Lemon-Scented Litter” varies, so check the latest price at

Benefits of Skoon Cat Litter

The Skoon company offers several advantages with their products – but the benefit that towers above all others is that Skoon products are all very environmentally friendly and lightweight, and it is a cat litter that doesn’t track.

Made from All-natural Ingredients

skoon cat litter reviews

Skoon Cat Litter contains plant-based materials and is marketed as being made from all-natural ingredients. The plant-based materials used include corn, wheat, and wood.

It is so natural that you could get away with using it as cat food (don’t. Just don’t)

The litter is biodegradable and contains no synthetic fragrances, chemicals, or additives. It’s worth noting that the specific ingredients used in Skoon Cat Litter may vary depending on the type of litter and the scent.

For example, the Lavender Scented variety of Skoon Cat Litter contains essential oils for fragrance, while the Unscented array does not. 

Dust-free Formula

scoon litter

Skoon cat litter, made from natural ingredients, makes it virtually dust-free. In addition, the cutting-edge manufacturing process used to create this litter greatly reduces the amount of dust created during use.

Dust is created by all types of cat litter, especially when they are accidentally dropped. Airborne litter may settle into a fine dust that is easy to inhale and ingest.

If you or a family member suffers from dust allergies, taking precautions like wearing a mask or using a litter scoop equipped with a dust filter may be helpful.


skoon vs pretty litter

Skoon Cat Litter is promoted as being safe for your cat since it is made from plant-based materials. In addition, allergy sufferers, both humans, and felines, may breathe easier with hypoallergenic litter.

Nonetheless, some cat owners may have allergic responses to any kind of cat litter, so it’s important to take precautions if you or a member of your household is sensitive to dust or other particles.

If your cat suffers from allergies or sensitivities, you could find relief using the hypoallergenic or plant-based litter. Always wear a dust mask when managing litter, and use a litter scoop with a filter.

If you have allergies, you would be happy knowing that Skoon Cat Litter is hypoallergenic, biodegradable, and safe for the environment.

However, your needs and budget may dictate that you go in a different direction. 


diatom pebbles

Skoon cat litter breaks down naturally, so yes. It is created from biodegradable materials and will disintegrate over time. This allows for eco-friendly disposal options, such as a compost bin or a backyard garden. It can also be flushed down the toilet.

Skoon Cat Litter’s decomposition rate may vary based on litter type and disposal technique. In a compost bin with the right circumstances (such as moisture, heat, and oxygen), the trash might degrade more rapidly than in a landfill, for instance.


skoon reviews

Skoon Cat Litter is a clump-free option. Sometimes it’s hard to get the dirt out. However, the ability of these items to mask unpleasant odors is outstanding.

This litter’s odor control means that you can use it for a long time, even though you go through the effects more rapidly than you would with clumping litter. This helps keep boxes clean even when kittens are very dirty.

The “clumping” ability of this litter varies with the specific kind of litter and the relative humidity of the environment. In damp conditions, the trash may clump somewhat, making it simpler to shovel.

Skoon Cat Litter is practically a non-clumping litter that is kind to the environment. Maintaining a clean surface is still uncomplicated.

What Do Customers Think of Skoon Litter? 

skoon cat litter

“I love Skoon Litter! It’s so absorbent and eco-friendly. I do my part to save the planet every time my cat uses the litter box. Plus, it controls odors so well I barely even notice that my cat is, well, you know, doing his business. It’s like magic!”

– Skoon cat litter user

“But seriously, Skoon Litter is the bomb. I’m never going back to those gross, clay litters again. My cat is happy, I’m delighted, and the Earth is happy. It’s a win-win-win situation. Skoon Litter for life!”

– A happy cat parent

These are only a few of the numerous positive comments about this fantastic cat litter product. Most of them mention and praise the absorption ability of Skoon products and the “Go Green!” attitude reflected in their brand.

The ease of cleaning the sandbox is also mentioned quite frequently. I agree with all of these now that I’ve been using Skoon litter products for an extended period.

I also praise the odor control as it is one of the best cat litter products I’ve used.

If I specified something negative, that would be the price point, as it is very high compared to other cat litter brands. And the way you go through the litter doesn’t help either.

But, if you decide to go environmentally friendly and want to feel safe that there are no harmful chemicals involved, it is worth the extra price you’re paying.

Fine grain formula


How Absorbent Is Skoon Cat Litter?

Skoon Cat Litter is advertised as exceptionally absorbent and odor-controlling, yet manufactured entirely of plant-based components. The manufacturer claims that this litter may absorb up to three times its weight in liquid, significantly cutting down on the quantity of cat urine and associated smells.

You will have to remove solid waste from the boxes, and Skoon provides a special scooper for this very purpose.

It’s important to remember that different types of litter, different-sized litter boxes, and how many cats you have may all affect how well a litter box absorbs waste. Examine different options to get the one that best suits your needs. 

Does Skoon Cat Litter Have Good Odor Control?

When it comes to keeping boxes smelling fresh, many variables might affect how well cat litter works. These include litter type, litter box size, and cat population.

In houses with several cats or huge litter boxes, you may imagine it wouldn’t be as successful at fecal odor control as traditional clay litters, but I disagree. For me, at least, it was a resounding success.

Skoon Cat Litters, in my opinion, is the greatest best cat litter odor eliminator for litter box odors. The answer to this question will be nuanced and conditional on your unique requirements and the makeup of your family.

How Much Does Skoon Cat Litter Cost?

Skoon Cat Litter costs may vary from shop to store and depending on the size of the bag bought. It costs $16.99 for a 4.4-pound bag and $32.99 for a 14-pound bag, according to the Skoon website. Prices might vary greatly depending on where you purchase the item from and the kind of retailer you visit.

I factored in the greater price in my Skoon Cat Litter comparison. On the other hand, it is made completely of organic plant stuff, making it eco-friendly. It promises to be highly absorbent and effective at odor suppression, which may be enough to persuade some cat owners that the extra cost is worthwhile.

Finding the best deal on this litter necessitates some price comparison research across many shops. It may be worthwhile to stock up if you can receive a discount for purchasing a large amount.

Overall, Is Skoon Cat Litter a Good Choice?

skoon all-natural cat litter reviews

Skoon Cat Litter is an excellent choice for any cat parent who wants a high-quality, eco-friendly litter that controls odors and is easy to clean up. Its plant-based materials make it gentle on your cat’s paws and the environment, and its absorbent properties help to keep your litter box fresh and hygienic. 

But don’t just take my word for it – try this litter for yourself and see the difference it can make for your cat and home. Trust me, your feline friend will thank you for it. 

Conclusion – Is Skoon Litter the Best Product for Your Cat’s Litter Box?

 In my opinion, Skoon Cat Litter is totally worth it! I initially hesitated to try it because of the price, but I’m so glad I did. It’s one of the best litter products I’ve ever used! 

First, it’s made from natural plant materials, so I feel good about using it. It’s also super absorbent and controls odors like a champ. My cat’s litter box stays fresh and hygienic all the time, and I barely even notice when he’s, you know, doing his business.

If it weren’t for the fact that he likes being watched, I think – I would be under the impression that he isn’t pooping at all. It’s amazing! 

Plus, Skoon is so lightweight and easy to carry. No more lugging heavy bags of litter around – it’s a game-changer. And since it is easy-maintenance, cleaning the litter box is a breeze. It’s like a dream come true! 

If you sign up for a Skoon subscription, you can choose between disposable litter boxes or bags of litter. If you go for the disposable litter box, you will use it as a litter box.

Overall, I highly recommend Skoon Cat Litter to any cat owner. It may be a little pricier than other types of litter, but it’s worth it. Trust me, your feline friend will thank you for it.

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