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Unless your vet prescribes a litter, then finding the right kind for your feline friends can be tough. There are so many options on the market, so how do you choose?

Pretty Litter promises to weigh 80 percent less than other brands, reduce the need for frequent scooping, and only call for a refill once a month.

If you’re here, it’s because you’re eager to learn more about Pretty Litter and whether it’s an effective option for your cats.

In this in-depth review, I’ll delve into the history of the company, the litter’s promises, how effective it is, and what it costs.

By the time you’re finished reading this Pretty Litter review, you can decide with confidence whether Pretty Litter is what your cats need.

Pretty Litter

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About the Brand

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Pretty Litter is a subscription cat litter brand founded by Daniel Rotman, who also acts as the company’s CEO.

Rotman grew up an avid animal lover but especially gravitated toward cats. One of the cats in his life, in particular, Gingi, was a steadfast companion that Rotman grew up with.

Unfortunately, Gingi had a terminal illness that she showed no signs of until she was so weak that she stopped eating.

Losing his cat taught Rotman that every cat owner can do more to be more proactive in the lives of their feline friends, which is what inspired him to create his own litter brand.

Pretty Litter isn’t your average cat litter. As I’ll discuss more later, it has a health monitoring feature that can indicate whether your cat might be having a health issue.

Since cats rarely show pain, sometimes a litter change can be the only way to tell that something is wrong with their health. You could possibly save your cat’s life. What could be better than that?

What Kinds of Litter Does PrettyLitter Offer?

pretty litter reviews

Pretty Litter is silica gel-based litter that’s designed to reduce dust and increase absorbency.

Since the silica gel crystals are super absorbent, you don’t need to use as much litter compared to other litter types.

When your cat urinates in the box, the silica gel traps the urine odor to reduce the stench. Even feces dries out fast so that poop smells don’t fill up your home.

The crystal litter is non-clumping as well for easier disposal of the litter without all the scooping.

The creators of Pretty Litter promise that one bag will last for 30 days if used on one medium-sized cat in a 12-inch-by-16-inch litter box.

The brand recommends using a ruler card–which is included with your purchase–to ensure you fill your cat box to the prescribed two inches deep for best results.

To create Pretty Litter, founder Daniel Rotman paired up with scientists and veterinarians to ensure the product is safe.

The minerals used in the litter are naturally-occurring so that even if your cat were to ingest the litter or breathe it in, their health will not be impacted.

That said, for cats that avidly eat litter, that’s something that should be addressed by a veterinarian

Pretty Litter

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PrettyLitter Quick Summary

Pretty Litter is a silica-based cat litter that can change colors (such as red, blue, orange, or yellow) to indicate health issues with your cat.

The founder of Pretty Litter lost his own cat under heartbreaking circumstances, and so he made it his mission to possibly prevent others from experiencing that same pain.

Pretty Litter doesn’t clump, and the odor control silica gel base is highly absorbent, so a little bit of litter goes a long way. Cat owners claim that it’s definitely a better option than clumping clay litter.

You can only purchase Pretty Litter on a subscription basis.

Is Pretty Litter Safe?

To create Pretty Litter, founder Daniel Rotman paired up with scientists and veterinarians to ensure the product is safe.

The minerals used in the litter are naturally occurring so that even if your cat were to ingest the litter or breathe it in, their health will not be impacted. That said, for cats that avidly eat litter, that’s something that should be addressed by a veterinarian.

How Do Cats React to PrettyLitter?


Cats are creatures of habit and routine, so introducing a new cat litter can really upend their lives.

That’s why so many pet owners will stick with the same type of regular litter, as they want to keep the peace and ensure their kitty cats don’t make messes all over the house.

If you were to start using Pretty Litter for your cats, will your cat react favorably or not so much?

Well, that depends! If you were already using a silica-based litter before, then the change from that litter to Pretty Litter shouldn’t be such a drastic jump.

Switching from paper litter to Pretty Litter is a more dramatic change, so it’s important to be patient with your cat.

The Pretty Litter website, in its FAQs section, mentions that many cats that begin using Pretty Litter will be able to adjust to it right away or nearly right away.

For those that need more time, it could be because Pretty Litter doesn’t smell when the cat’s old litter did. It might also be a color or texture issue.

The creators behind Pretty Litter recommend taking a urine clump or even a dried poop from the cat’s current litter box and then moving the solid waste into the Pretty Litter box.

The smell of solid waste, although not appealing to us people, is familiar and even comforting to your cat. They’ll smell something that indicates that yes, this is still their litter box, even if it does have a new kind of litter.

It might take a few repeated instances of this, but with time, your cat will begin using Pretty Litter just the same way they did the litter they’ve been using for a long time before.

If you’re not so fond of the thought of transferring the waste from a dirty box to a completely clean one, the Pretty Litter team also recommends creating a mix of litter to help your kitty adjust.

The litter mix should be mostly Pretty Litter (75 percent) with some old litter (25 percent). The old litter should sit atop the Pretty Litter so the box is a welcome and familiar sight to your cat.

As they use the litter box, they’ll get to know the new litter while still sticking with what they’re comfortable with.

When the time comes to next change your cat’s automatic litter box, you can replace the entire thing with Pretty Litter, and they should be completely okay with it!

Pretty Litter

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How Dusty Is PrettyLitter?

pretty litter colors

One of your chief concerns when shopping for cat litter is how dusty it is.

The dust isn’t great for your cat to breathe in, but more so, it’s not very healthy for you and your human family either.

If you have family members in the house with breathing conditions such as allergies or asthma, you worry about how breathing in a dusty litter can impact them.

Fortunately, that’s not a viable concern in the least with Pretty Litter dust free option.

Silica gel is very low-dust, enough that Pretty Litter is advertised as being 99 percent dust-free.

Less dust isn’t only better for your lungs, but it makes maintaining a cleaner house easier as well. The dust won’t float all over the room, leaving unhygienic particles everywhere.

How Does PrettyLitter Work?

pretty kitty litter

Ordering Pretty Litter couldn’t be easier. You simply choose the number of cats you have, set up your subscription, and wait for the litter to arrive.

How do you use Pretty Litter? Let’s go over that information now.

Start with a clean litter box. When your bag of litter arrives on your doorstep, open the bag and pour the entire thing into the box.

The depth of the kitty litter in the box should be at least two inches, so remember to use the included ruler card.

When your cat defecates, clean out the feces. The makers of Pretty Litter recommend doing that every day.

You will need to scoop out the feces, and you should shake the feces around to remove any silica gel granules stuck to it.

Then mix up the rest of the litter in the box so that when your cat urinates, they’re not saturating one area of the litter again and again.

It can take upwards of 30 days for the silica gel litter in the box to fully saturate. At that point, open a fresh trash bag and dump the entire contents of the litter box into the bag.

Remove any litter residue from the cat litter box and then replace the box with a fresh supply of Pretty Litter. Although you can flush pretty litter, it is advised that it should be disposed of in trash regularly.

PrettyLitter Health Monitoring Feature

pretty litter cost

By far, the most inventive feature of Pretty Litter and what sets it apart from other silica gel-based litter is the health monitoring feature.

The silica gel that comprises Pretty Litter will change colors if your cat is not in optimal health.

Should you notice any changes in color, the makers of Pretty Litter don’t recommend doing anything just yet.

Rather, you should mix the litter quite thoroughly and then watch what color the litter turns again in the next 24 or 48 hours.

If you see the same color as before, then that’s indicative that something could be amiss with your cat’s health.

At that point, it’s a good idea to call your veterinarian and get your cat in for a checkup as soon as you can.

What Do the Different Colors Indicate?

pretty liter

Pretty Litter can change one of four different colors, as mentioned before.

If the litter is red, it means there’s possibly blood in your cat’s system. The blood could indicate some kind of kidney disease, a feline urinary tract disorder, and bladder inflammation or crystals.

Blue litter means there’s a high alkalinity level in your cat’s urine. They might be more likely to develop stones or a urinary tract infection.

Orange is for high-acidity urine, which could be a sign of kidney tubular acidosis or metabolic acidosis.

Olive-green to dark yellow litter is standard. It means your cat’s urine is normal, and their health should be as well.

How Easy Is It to Maintain PrettyLitter?

pretty cat

Pretty Litter is quite easy to maintain!

Like any litter, it’s a good idea to check the litter boxes at least once a day to clean up messes.

As I mentioned before, the team behind Pretty Litter does suggest that you clean out all feces from the box every single day.

That’s a good rule of thumb no matter what litter you choose. Cats don’t want to smell their old feces any more than you do!

You should also thoroughly mix the urine-soaked portions of the litter with the fresh litter to prevent your cat from soaking the same part of the litter in urine each day.

If you keep that up for about 30 days, then it will be time to dump the current bag of Pretty Litter and move on to the next one.

How Well Does It Control Odor?

prettylitter cat litter reviews

The ultra-absorbent qualities of silica gel-based cat litters like Pretty Litter ensure this product is exceptionally fast-drying and sure to ward off odors.

When your cat urinates, the odor gets absorbed by the silica gel crystals and entrapped. The water in the urine will evaporate while the smells stay trapped within the odor control crystals.

Pretty Litter will dry out feces after your cat defecates but is more efficient at removing urine smells than fecal smells.

Pretty Litter

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PrettyLitter Subscription

pretty litter target

Since a whole bag of Pretty Litter is supposed to last you a month, it makes sense that the company would offer the litter on a subscription basis.

Pretty Litter will send you the recommended amount of litter based on how many feline friends you have in the house.

You can choose to purchase a 30-day supply or a three-month supply, so you have more litter than you’ll need.

Should you not like the product, Pretty Litter gives you the option to request a refund. You have 30 days from the date of purchase for your refund, and the refund will typically be issued in a week or less.

You can also cancel your subscription at any time, whether you’re in the middle of an order or not. If you paid for your next order, then Pretty Litter will send it to you. 

Pretty Litter

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PrettyLitter Pros and Cons

Are you still on the fence about whether Pretty Litter cat litter is the right choice for the four-legged feline or felines in your home?

This pros and cons section should help you make a purchasing decision you can be proud of.


  • By far, Pretty Litter’s biggest benefit is the health monitoring feature. You can gauge if something might be wrong with your cat. While the litter does not constitute medical advice, it’s a good conversation starter for you and your vet.
  • The silica gel-based litter absorbs cat urine well and reduces odors for a cleaner-smelling home.
  • Pretty Litter is 99 percent powder-free, so the air in your home can be free of kitty litter dust.
  • The litter is available scented or unscented, and the scented lotus option isn’t too strong.
  • The subscription service ensures that you never run out of Pretty Litter.
  • One bag of Pretty Litter is supposed to last you an entire month.
  • You can try Pretty Litter for 30 day risk-free, getting a full refund at any point within those 30 days if you don’t like the product.
  • Shipping on Pretty Litter is free if you live in the contiguous United States. 


  • You still have to clean up feces every single day when using Pretty Litter.
  • Although it reduces the need for scooping, sifting through dirty cat litter is still necessary.
  • The subscription service means that you can’t just run out to the store and stock up on Pretty Litter. You have to wait for more to arrive. If you happen to run out early, you could be in a dicey situation.
  • If you’re thinking is Pretty litter compostable, then remember it’s made of silica-based gel, which is not biodegradable like natural litter.

How Much Does PrettyLitter Cat Litter Cost?

is pretty litter safe

The cost of Pretty Litter varies depending on how many cats you have and the supply of litter that you get shipped to your home at once.

Being a crystal cat litter, it’s far more convenient than a clay litter box, and obviously it’s totally worth its price!

If you have one cat, then you’ll pay $24 a month for one bag of litter. You can save $5 by ordering a three-month supply in advance.

For households with multiple cats, such as two, the cost is $48 per month. A three-month supply saves $10.

In case of multi-cat households, like if you have three cats, you’ll pay $72 per month for one bag of litter. A three-month supply subscription saves $15.

So the final cost varies if you have more than one cat at home.

Overall, Is PrettyLitter a Good Choice?

Whether your cat is young and the picture of health or older, Pretty Litter is a fantastic litter choice, especially if they’re used to silica gel litter already.

The standout feature is the litter’s color-changing capacity that can gauge your cat’s health status based on their urine. It’s a sigh of relief for a new cat parent.

A change in the color of the litter doesn’t always mean that something is wrong with your cat’s health, but it’s worth having your pet seen by a veterinarian anyway.

The affordable cost, the convenience of a monthly subscription, non-clumping litter, odor control features, and easy-to-use qualities of Pretty Litter makes it a great choice for any cat owner who wants to be more proactive about their pet’s health!

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