Modkat Litter Box Review – Our Unbiased Commentary to Help You Decide Better!

modkat litter box review

Those who aren’t cat owners are always baffled by how many litter boxes there are. Like cat food, it can be hard to narrow down your options. But one of the top recommendations you might come across is the Modkat litter box.

The Modkat boasts a sleek, stylish design that looks good in any home. It’s a top-entry litter box with a grated lid that hides mess, reduces odor, lessens litter tracking, and gives your cat privacy.

While its high cost might put you off, it’s still cheaper than the Litter-Robot. The Litter-Robot is the gold standard of litter boxes, and despite its premium price, it does everything you could ever hope from an automatic cat litter box.

litter robot

But if your cat needs privacy or you want to stop messy cats who like to kick litter onto the floor, the Modkat might be a great option.

Litter Robot 4

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Features of Modkat Litter Box

modkat litter box review

Let’s check out the key features of Modkat to gauge whether it’s a suitable option for your cat or not.

Swivel Lid

Its swivel lid opens at just the push of a button, making emptying and refilling the litter box easier. The top lid has several holes in its grating, meaning any litter stuck to your cat’s paws drops back into the litter bed as they exit, reducing excess litter tracking.

Reusable Liner

Inside the litter box, you’ll find a liner with a wireframe that fits around the interior of the box. The liner is smooth but sturdy, scratch-resistant, and easy to clean. This keeps the litter box in good condition and makes it easier to empty and refill.


mod cat litter box

The litter box comes with a scoop too, that hangs on the side. This is particularly convenient because it’s less likely you’ll lose it, and there’s always a quick and simple way to remove a cat’s waste at a moment’s notice.

Modkat Dimensions

Modkat’s small size is both a strong point and a drawback. While it’s small enough to fit in most spaces, it’s not ideal for larger cats. Its width and depth are 16 inches, while it measures 15 inches in height.

The hole in the lid measures 8.5 inches, wide enough for all but the largest cats. But the interior of the cat litter box might be cramped for some; however, the litter area is more spacious than many other litter boxes. 


modkat litter box reviews

Modkat is a well-made top-entry litter box, constructed from durable materials sure to last for years to come. But the aesthetic design of the litter box is particularly excellent. It’s a stylish look that suits various modern home decor. And with three color options (red, black, and white), it’s sure to fit any home.

Even if you need to move it around, it’s easy to do so thanks to the handles on the side, which also come in useful during cleaning.

Tech and Specs Comparison with Litter-Robot

While Modkat and Litter-Robot are both premium litter boxes, Litter-Robot has so many features that it stands apart.

The part of Litter-Robot your cat uses is a similar size to Modkat. However, since it includes so much technology, it’s a taller and deeper device, making it less convenient for smaller rooms.

Both offer cats some privacy, although Modkat gives them more. Meanwhile, Modkat conceals waste and controls odors, but Litter-Robot sweeps it away automatically and seals it in a box to eliminate odors completely.

However, one thing Modkat can’t do is monitor your cat’s health. With its array of sensors, Litter-Robot can keep track of your cat’s weight and bathroom habits, allowing you to spot whenever something changes.

How Does the Modkat Top-Entry Litter Box Work?

modko litter box review

The cat enters via the hole in the top lid, drops down to the litter area at the bottom, and goes to the bathroom before climbing back out. This is great for cats who require privacy, but not all cats like how this works.

The reusable liner inside ensures the cat litter box itself stays in good condition, even if the urine seeps through the cat litter and down to the bottom. It’s easy to wipe clean, but it does need replacing every few months.

As they climb out, the grated platform on the lid scrapes any litter stuck to your cat’s paws and lets it fall back into the litter box, reducing the need for extra cleanup. 

Cleaning the Modkat Litter Box

modkat litter box

With the litter scoop hanging off the side of the litter box, it’s easy to clean out waste and clumped litter. Push the tabs on either side of the lid to open it and scoop the mess into a trash bag.

However, because it’s a tall litter box, you’ll have to reach your hand further than regular litter trays, making it fiddlier. Still, the top-entry design reduces the tracking, so you’ll have less excess litter to sweep up. On the other hand, neither of these is necessary with a premium litter box like the Litter-Robot.

You’ll have to give the entire litter box a proper clean sometimes too. Fortunately, it’s easy to clean the litter box and reusable liner using just regular dish soap and warm water.

Changing the Litter

It’s easy to empty the whole thing – just open the lid, pull out the tarpaulin liner by its handles, and pour the litter into a trash bag. This is easier than a traditional litter box but can be fiddly to put the liner back.

After fixing the liner into the litter box, refill it with 3 to 4 inches of litter. This should be enough for your cat to bury their waste without damaging the liner and enough to absorb the urine without it seeping to the bottom of the litter box, keeping it cleaner and controlling odors for longer.

Does It Control Odor Well?

The Modkat doesn’t control odor much more than standard litter trays. However, the smaller entryway restricts the smell that can emit from it, meaning less odor circulates throughout your house and makes it more manageable.

The reusable liners help too, since washing them down every five to seven days can prevent odors from building up.

However, if controlling odors is a major issue for you, consider an automatic litter box like Litter-Robot. These sweep up mess promptly and traps odors in a sealed box.

How Do Cats React to the Modkat Litter Box?

 Modkat Litter Box

Amongst humans, Modkat top-entry boxes are popular, with over 1,500 5-star reviews on the Modkat website. This is no surprise since it has an aesthetically-pleasing design and controls litter tracking well.

Cats who enjoy privacy and enclosed spaces also love the Modkat litter box, but cats who prefer not to be in small spaces aren’t as keen. 

Is Modkat Suitable for Multi-Cat Use?

The Modkat is fine if you have two cats or more roaming around. Although they can all use it, this does mean you’ll have to clean it more regularly.

We recommend keeping a couple of litter boxes on hand to ensure there’s always one free – cats aren’t as patient as us! 

Can Litter-Robot Be a Better Substitute?

litter robot 3 VS litter robot 4

Based on sheer convenience alone, Litter-Robot is a better substitute. The issues Modkat solves are very specific and not unique to Modkat. In fact, Litter-Robot also has a step to control tracking, boasts an aesthetic design, and offers privacy.

But Litter-Robot is superior since it can do even more than Modkat. As an automatic litter box, it sweeps away waste automatically, eliminating odors completely. It also connects to an app that gives insights into your cat’s health and alerts you whenever you need to fix the litter or waste levels.

Can a Large Cat Use the Modkat Litter Box?

The standard size is ideal for cats up to 14 lbs. However, it might be too cramped for large cats, perhaps resulting in them not using it.

If your cat is large, the XL size is preferable. It’s very similar, but has a larger litter area and comes with an additional front entry, making it ideal for senior cats too.

What are the Pros and Cons of Modkat Litter Box?


  • Modern design suits any décor
  • Reduces litter tracking
  • Hides view of a dirty litter box
  • Controls odors better than a traditional litter box
  • Easy to empty litter from liner
  • Easy to clean and refill
  • Comes with a scoop on the side
  • Three color options
  • Top-entry box and liner made of durable materials


  • Expensive
  • Doesn’t completely eliminate odors
  • Requires replacement liners
  • Not all cats like a top-entry litter box
  • Not accessible for old or disabled cats
  • Too little space for overweight or large cats

Modkat Litter Box

The price of “Modkat Litter Box” varies, so check the latest price at

How Much Does the Modkat Top-Entry Litter Box Cost?

The Modkat might be cheaper than automatic litter boxes like the Litter-Robot, but it still has a higher price than you’d imagine, despite having a lot fewer features.

The standard version costs just under $90. Admittedly, this is a lot for a non-automatic litter box. The XL version costs even more at around $140.

You’ll also need to cough up extra for replacement liners, costing about $10 each. These need replacing every three months but could last up to two years with good care. 

Is the Modkat Top-Entry Litter Box Worth It?

Whether Modkat is worth it or not depends on your needs. If tracking is a problem for you, this can help reduce all that litter cleanup.

If you don’t have somewhere out of the way for your litter box, you might want one that looks good and fits in with the rest of the house. Modkat’s design not only looks good but hides the waste as your cat exits and gives them privacy.

However, if you don’t have any of these specific issues, it might not be worth it. After all, the small litter bed isn’t ideal, and it’s expensive considering its lack of features.

If you want to spend a lot of money on a convenient litter box that makes life easier, it’s worth getting Litter-Robot. However, if you want a good-looking litter box that gives your cat privacy and controls tracking, the Modkat might be worth it. 

Why We Recommend Litter-Robot?

Litter Robot4 REVIEW

If you have enough money to consider buying Modkat, you might have a large enough budget to consider Litter-Robot 4 too. This solves the same problems as Modkat but conveniently cleans out waste automatically and quietly, and it even stores it in a sealed box to eliminate odors.

Additionally, Litter-Robot connects to an app on your phone to give insights into your cat’s health and send notifications for when you need to address litter and waste levels. This means you can go most days without fussing with the litter box at all!


Is a Top-Entry Litter Box Better?

A top-entry litter box is only better if it addresses a specific problem. For example, if tracking litter across your house is an issue, a top-entry litter box helps keep this under control, preventing litter from splashing over the sides and scraping granules from your cat’s paws as they leave.  

This design also means you don’t have to see what your cat exits in their litter box, making it more pleasant if you have to have the litter box in a main room.

However, if your cat is particularly old or not agile, a top-entry design might not be easily accessible for them.

How Do You Introduce a Cat to a Top-Entry Litter Box?

Top-entry litter boxes may have their own style, but you introduce your cat to them in the same way you do any litter box. Just pop them in it regularly, especially when you think they might need to go, such as shortly after a meal or a long nap.

The more they go in it, the more they’ll get used to it. Make it easier for them by keeping it in one place and avoiding moving it too much. Whenever they use it correctly, remember to use positive reinforcement by giving them praise and cuddles.

Do Cats Prefer Open or Closed Litter Boxes?

It’s tough to say which style cats prefer since it’s up to the individual cat and their own preferences.

Many prefer a traditional litter box since they can see their surroundings and keep watch for any dangers that might lurk around the corner.

However, some prefer privacy and enjoy using closed litter boxes. Humans often prefer this style too, since they are better-looking and help reduce odors.


Perhaps your cat wants privacy, or maybe you have to keep the litter box in the main room and want an easy way to control odors or hide what your cat leaves behind. In that case, Modkat offers a simple, elegant solution to your specific issues.

However, it’s a costly option and not necessarily worth the price unless it’s within your budget.

But if you’re willing to splash out on a litter box and want one that will revolutionize your experience of owning a cat, we will always recommend the Litter-Robot to solve these same issues as well as the ones you never knew you had!

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