The Best Litter Box for Kittens – for a Safe, Convenient, and Fuss-free Experience

If you have a cat, then you’ll know how important litter boxes are for your cat and for your home! New kittens really do enjoy scattering poop in random and hidden places, and that’s why we have litter boxes!

Our recent litter of kittens took a liking to pooping under a cupboard instead of the litter box. So what is the best litter box for kittens? 

The best litter boxes for kittens and the right litter box for your cat will depend on a few things that you’ll want to consider.

For example, easy access is a very important factor when considering a new litter box for your kitty, as well as the size and any special features. 

We’ll look at these in more detail in the following section.



Top Pick

Lucky Champ Cat Litter Pan

  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Item Weight: 2.2 Pounds

Super Convenient

Van Ness Large High-Sided Litter Box with Frame

  • Material: Plastic
  • Item Weight: 1 Pounds

Great Portability

Van Ness Cat Litter Pan

  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Item Weight: 0.1 Pounds

Easy Cleaning

IRIS Open Top Litter Box

  • Material:Plastic
  • Item Weight: 1.96 Pounds

Great Value

Petmate Arm & Hammer Litter Box

  • Material: Other
  • Item Weight: 2.49 pounds

Versatile Design

Nature’s Miracle Litter Box

  • Material: Other
  • Item Weight: 1.85 Pounds

Best Cat Litter Box for Kittens

Let’s look at what the best boxes for kittens are, dependent on your needs and wants. Our top pick is the Lucky Champ Cat Litter Pan, and we’d recommend this greatly to any cat owner!

Have a look at all our top-ranked products.

1. Lucky Champ Cat Litter Pan

Lucky Champ Cat Litter Pan

This is one of the best litter boxes out there!

The front is low to the ground, making it a good option for both small kittens and senior cats who can’t use a top-entry litter box.

If you have a cat that likes to kick litter, then no need to worry, as this amazing litter box has a high back wall that will keep all the litter where it’s supposed to be.

best litter box for kittens

This litter box also makes cleaning super easy as it is made out of nonporous plastic. This means it won’t absorb the odor of urine and can be wiped down in order to clean.

The side grips are also a nice touch as they make moving the box easy and mess-free.


  • Durable and stable
  • Easy to lift and carry because of rubberized grips 
  • Dropped entry point and high back walls provide protection and easy access  


  • You may find that the larger boxes will need a lot of litter to fill

Lucky Champ Cat Litter Pan

The price of “Lucky Champ Cat Litter Pan” varies, so check the latest price at

2. Van Ness Large High-Sided Litter Box with Frame

Van Ness Large High-Sided Litter Box with Frame

This is a great sifting litter box for many reasons. It’s easy to clean as it is odor and stain-resistant.

If you don’t fancy scooping the litter tray every day, then no need to worry as this framed box will hold your litter pan liners in place, which once again makes your job of cleaning so much easier.

litter box for small kitten

This uncovered pan will drastically lower the amount of litter that gets kicked all over your floor whilst also being a great choice for senior cats who might find it hard to use a top-entry litter box.

With 20% recycled content, this is also a brilliant eco-friendly option!


  • Budget-friendly as it is available for under $10
  • Easy to clean thanks to a removable sifting layer
  • High sides stop your floors from being covered in litter
  • Low entry that is only 4.25 inches off the ground, which makes it an easy climb


  • Clumping litter gets stuck in the slots
  • Thin materials make the litter box flimsy at times

Van Ness Large High-Sided Litter Box with Frame

The price of “Van Ness Large High-Sided Litter Box with Frame” varies, so check the latest price at

3. Van Ness Cat Litter Pan

Van Ness Cat Litter Pan

Van ness has been making amazing pet products for many years, which is why there’s no wonder why their products are on our list.

This is a smaller litter box which once again makes it great for kittens. The low sides make entering easy for cats of any size meaning multiple kittens would make great use of it.

best kitten litter box

Small litter boxes are also ideal for a long-haul road trip as they won’t take up much space.

This box is also super easy to clean as Van Ness uses a polish that is resistant to stains and odor on all of their products! It’s also BPA-free plastic, meaning it’s far more eco-friendly than other options on the market.


  • Great value meaning it will fit into the best budget
  • Four different size options, which is an excellent choice
  • Simple to clean 
  • 20% recycled material


  • No additional features – not self-cleaning
  • May need to replace soon 

Van Ness Cat Litter Pan

The price of “Van Ness Cat Litter Pan” varies, so check the latest price at

4. IRIS Open Top Litter Box with Shield & Scoop

IRIS Open Top Litter Box with Shield & Scoop

This open-front entry litter box is easy to get in and out of whilst also limiting the litter tracking that happens with your average litter box.

Uncovered litter boxes make it super easy to know when it’s time to clean your litter box, with the added bonus of multiple cats being able to use it as it’s so easy to enter.

small litter box for kittens

This cat litter box will also trap litter meaning your cat won’t waste any product, but you also won’t have an extra mess to clean up. There’s no need to worry about the tray moving or bowing, as it has molded-in feet and rims that add security and stability.


  • Large size for multiple kittens and lots of room for all
  • Shield to keep litter in the box
  • Easy cleaning litter box system 
  • Privacy 


  • Takes up more space
  • Not self-cleaning

IRIS Open Top Litter Box

The price of “IRIS Open Top Litter Box” varies, so check the latest price at

5. Petmate Arm & Hammer Litter Box

Petmate Arm & Hammer Large Sifting Litter Box

This brilliant sifting litter box contains one sifting box and two litter boxes in order to create their no-scooping required enclosed design. The company also uses recycled materials to make their product making them nice and eco-friendly.

This litter box is made using Microban, an antimicrobial coating, in order to keep the odors at bay.

litter boxes for kittens

The company does however warn customers that litter boxes should be replaced periodically, roughly every 12 months, in order to maintain this odor control.

The reinforced solid base also makes this a super durable option!


  • Great value and budget friendly
  • Long-lasting 
  • Easy cleaning


  • High sides make it more like the top entry litter boxes for kittens
  • Best with dust-free litter 
  • No special features

Petmate Arm & HammerLitter Box

The price of “Petmate Arm & Hammer Litter Box” varies, so check the latest price at

6. Nature’s Miracle Litter Box

Nature's Miracle Just For Cats Advanced High Sided Cat Litter Box

This isn’t a covered litter box, but its super high walls and deep base means your cat will have privacy, and you won’t have to clean up more litter than is necessary.

If you have multiple kittens that just love to make a mess, then the open box design, along with a nonstick surface, makes for easy scooping when it’s time for clean litter. This nonstick surface works by stopping the litter from building up on the walls of the tray.

kitten sized litter box

The antimicrobial coating also makes cleaning super easy as it stops the plastic from absorbing any odor, meaning you won’t have to wipe it down every day.

You’ll be happy to know that this generously sized box is great if you have more than one cat, although it does take up quite a bit of room.

Nature’s Miracle offers great litter boxes for kittens as well as older cats, thanks to their versatile design.


  • High sides of 11 inches, which decrease litter scatter and waste 
  • Large size 
  • Nonstick coating encourages bacteria protection


  • Dropped entry may allow litter and urine to scatter

Nature’s Miracle Litter Box

The price of “Nature’s Miracle Litter Box” varies, so check the latest price at

Choosing the Best Kitten Litter Box: What to Look For

The best cat litter box for you will depend on a few factors. Things like are you willing to clean litter, or do you want it to clean itself? What’s the best size? Is it easy to access? Remember, keep your best budget in mind!

Let’s take a look at the things you’ll want to look for when choosing the best cat litter boxes – these are the best features to ensure a great litter box!

Appropriate Size

The general rule of thumb for a litter box size is that it should be the length of your cat at a minimum. We recommend the width be greater than your cat’s width. However, if you have kittens, this could change the game instantly due to their fast growth. 

When you have a small kitten, a small litter box is a good idea, so it’s only used by your kitten for littering. When your kitten grows, it should be using the box a lot more often, so it’s an idea to get a bigger litter box. 

In terms of litter boxes, bigger is definitely better but make sure they’re not too large, as this could overwhelm your kitten a good bit. If your kittens are under six months old, then a 12-inch litter box is a good idea but make sure you’re ready to go bigger when they grow.

Easy Access

Easy access is vital when thinking of choosing a litter box for your kitten, especially if it’s small. Having a low entry point makes your litter box much more accessible for kittens.

Most litter boxes measure between 5 and 7 inches from the ground, but this could even be too high for a kitten, but perfect for adult cats. This is definitely worth considering when getting a litter box to ensure you get the best one for you. 

If you have smaller kittens, then having a dropped entry may be beneficial for you, especially if it’s between 3 to 5 inches from your floor. Senior cat litter boxes are often a good thing to consider for your kitten because of the lower entry points. 

However, when considering how low the access is, it’s important to remember that your cat could easily kick litter out of it, the lower the access point. 

Special Features

A more expensive litter pan will most definitely come with special features, and so if this is something you’re after, then it really could be a game changer for larger cats and small cats. They are certainly worth the price! 

These special features will certainly add to your cat’s litter box and definitely cut down the chore of cleaning the litter box on cat owners. It’s also brilliant if you have multiple cats if it’s self-cleaning! This is the perfect solution, but perhaps isn’t as budget-friendly. 

A litter box based on these special features will certainly be worth the purchase. 


How Do You Encourage a Kitten to Use the Litter Box?

This task can sometimes be overwhelming, especially when training your kittens or foster kittens to use the litter box. Forming strong habits is a core to getting your kittens to use the litter box. 

Start by putting your cat in the litter box after mealtimes and after it’s woken up in the morning or after a nap. These are the times your cat will most likely need to use the litter tray, so it’s worth using this to your advantage. 

Another way you can encourage a kitten to use the litter box is by putting it somewhere accessible enough and making sure you praise them with a treat when they’ve used it!

Learning how to train your cats to use the litter box is the perfect way to encourage the use of the litter box!

What Kind of Litter Is Best for Kittens?

Non-clumping litter is mostly recommended by vets, especially for kittens. You may find that clumping litter has a lot of additives and can swell when it’s faced with any moisture – not fantastic! 

Your kittens may accidentally ingest litter, and this could possibly be a cause of massive concern. It could lead to intestinal blockage, which isn’t something nice to face. 

So, plant-based litters are much better for your kitten, especially if you’re scared that it’ll ingest it or react to it when it gets used to using the litter box. 

Final Thought

So, if you’re on the hunt for a new cat litter box, then the world is your oyster. You can choose from covered litter boxes to a disposable litter box which will extremely benefit your cat’s life.

The truth is, it could take weeks to get your kitten to use your litter box correctly, but these weeks will truly be worth it after they’re trained and using it correctly.

When choosing the right box, there are things you’ll want to consider, like if your cat will be able to easily climb into the box or if you’d like a lid on it to act as a cover. The type of litter for the kitten you use is also important to determine whether you want clumps in it.

A litter box is vital to your cats so they can do their business in peace. The Lucky Champ Cat Litter Pan is our top pick, and this will allow plenty of peace for your cats’ business. It’s an easily portable box as well as being durable and stable for your cat.

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