Best Large Cat Litter Box – for Your Heavy, Furry Feline Friend

largest cat litter boxes

Let’s talk litter- I’d bet money that any busy cat owners would mark this as their least favorite thing to deal with, right? I mean, from types of cat litter to our favorite litter boxes, you have a lot to consider regarding your cat’s bathroom habits.

 Even though it’s likely the least enjoyable part of owning a cat, thinking about the right litter box makes a big difference.

Especially when it comes to big cats, you may need to do some more research to ensure your kitty feels like they have enough space to do its business. There are multiple different litter boxes that I’d recommend for large cats based on different criteria. 

As you think about your kitty, its litter, and how to ensure everyone in your house is comfortable, you should consider a few things. Make sure that everyone enjoys their space and that nobody has to smell any bad odors needlessly. Let this article help guide you through your search for the best litter box.



Best Overall

Litter Robot 3 Connect

  • Material: Plastic
  • Item Weight: 24 Pounds

Easy to Carry Design

Petmate Giant Litter Pan

  • MATERIAL: Blend

Best for Older Cats

PetFusion BetterBox

  • MATERIAL: ABS plastic
  • ITEM WEIGHT: 1.8 Pounds


iPrimio Non-Stick Plated Stainless Steel XL Litter Pan

  • MATERIAL: Stainless Steel
  • ITEM WEIGHT: 4.01 Pounds

Best for Multiple Cats

Catit Jumbo Hooded Litter Pan

  • MATERIAL: Plastic
  • ITEM WEIGHT: 1.6 pounds

Most Affordable

Nature’s Miracle High-Sided Litter Box

  • MATERIAL: Other
  • ITEM WEIGHT: 1.85 Pounds

Most Versatile

PetSafe ScoopFree Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box

  • MATERIAL: Plastic
  • ITEM WEIGHT: 18.0 Pounds

Most Spacious

Kitty Go Here Senior Cat Litter Box

  • MATERIAL: Polypropylene
  • ITEM WEIGHT: 1 Pounds

Easy Design

Van Ness High Sides Cat Litter Pan

  • MATERIAL: Polypropylene
  • ITEM WEIGHT: 1 Pounds

Best Jumbo Sized

Petmate Hi-Back Open Litter Cat Pan

  • MATERIAL: Blend
  • ITEM WEIGHT: ‎2.14 pounds

Easy To Use

Petphabet Jumbo Hooded Kitty Litter Pan

  • MATERIAL: Plastic
  • ITEM WEIGHT: 3.12 Pounds

Best Litter Boxes for Large Cats

While you can generally choose a cat’s litter box based on its attributes, you also must consider the size when you have big cats. Something that may check all your boxes might need to be scrapped because it just won’t fit your cat. 

It may be a bummer to shift gears and find a replacement option for a cat litter box that you love, but don’t worry! There are plenty of large cats out there, which means that nearly every style of litter box exists in a size that can fit these large cats.

Even if you are disappointed that your first choice didn’t work, you might find that option number 2 ends up being exactly what you need and more. So let’s talk best litter boxes for large cats, shall we?

1. Litter Robot 3 Connect

Litter Robot 3 Connect

Of course, this amazing self-cleaning litter box is my top pick, and why wouldn’t it be? It’s got everything! The Litter Robot 3 Connect comes with a big-sized globe and no weight limit, making it perfect for cats of all sizes, especially large cats.

Like the newest Litter Robot 4, it automatically employs sensors to distinguish between clean and dirty litter, then uses carbon filters to dispose of clumping cat litter in its trash drawer. You can simply pick up the bag and replace it when the indicator indicates that the drawer is full.

The best feature of Litter-Robots is that they always leave you with a clean litter bed thanks to scoop-free self-cleaning. And since the dirty litter doesn’t stay around for very long, this helps reduce any lingering scents.

This version is Wi-Fi enabled and lets you connect to the app, simplifying things for you. You may also use any clumping litter you like with Litter Robot 3 Connect.

best large cat litter box

If you are still doubtful, Litter Robot comes with a 90-day trial period so feel free to give it a go. It also comes with a one-year warranty that can be upgraded to a three-year warranty for an additional price.

Dimensions: 15″-17″H x 20″W x 20″D (globe dimensions)

Price Estimate: USD 550


  • Big-sized globe suitable for larger cats
  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • Carbon-filtered waste drawer fights odors
  • Quiet operation
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • The entryway may feel tight to some overweight or larger cats
  • Expensive option

Litter Robot 3 Connect

The price of “Litter Robot 3 Connect” varies, so check the latest price at

2. Petmate Giant Litter Pan

 Petmate Giant Litter Pan

As far as your large litter box search goes, it is hard to go wrong with a basic litter box like the Petmate Giant Litter Pan. It is higher-sided than some litter box alternatives, which means that it can help control the litter scatter mess.

Other things, like cat waste, are also kept inside this cat litter box often, making your job of cleaning less strenuous. Speaking of cleaning, the Petmate Giant Litter Pan is quite easy to wipe down and washes out well during your deep cleans as you change the dirty litter out completely.

The slope of the cat litter box makes it easier for older cats to use in theory, but it is still high enough that some might have a bit of trouble with access. This is part of the reason why solid waste and litter stay inside, though, so the design is not for nothing. This cat litter box also has a folded lip making it easy to carry.

best large cat litter box

 Another perk of this litter box is that it is wide enough and long enough to support larger cats but still a good size to fit in smaller spaces. It can easily slide under a table or desk, especially in cases where a room or house is shared with roommates that take up some of your open floor space.

Dimensions: 25.56″L x 18.3″W x 10.02″H

Price Estimate: USD 26


  • Affordable option
  • Easy to clean thanks to open design
  • Helps keep litter from being kicked out
  • Can fit in many places around your home


  • Higher entry point could be difficult for older cats to use
  • The lack of a cover might make your cat feel nervous

Petmate Giant Litter Pan

The price of “Petmate Giant Litter Pan” varies, so check the latest price at

3. PetFusion BetterBox

PetFusion BetterBox

If you like the idea of the first litter box but have an older cat, the PetFusion Better Box could be the answer to your problems.

 The walls are not as high, which could allow a little extra litter to be kicked out, but the super low entry point also means that a cat who is overweight, old, or ill can access its litter box with ease and comfort.

 Speaking of comfort, you can be sure that a larger cat will have plenty of space to do its business, especially if yours is a cat that prefers an open-design litter box. However, if your cat tends to lean toward a covered litter box, one compromise is putting this litter box underneath something else in your home.

tallest litter box

 Not only is this option great in its flexibility, fitting under desks, chairs, and into other shared spaces, but it is easy to clean thanks to the smooth material and the non-stick coating used. 

Dimensions: 22.6″L x 18.1″W x 8″H

Price Estimate: USD 41


  • Affordable option
  • Simple design doesn’t clash with your space
  • Can easily slide under desks or tables
  • Easy to clean, non-stick coating


  • Shorter sides might allow for more litter to escape
  • No cover might make your cat antsy

PetFusion BetterBox

The price of “PetFusion BetterBox” varies, so check the latest price at

4. iPrimio Non-Stick Litter Pan

iPrimio Non-Stick Plated Stainless Steel XL Litter Pan

Say you like the idea of one of those flat, open-litter pan options, but you just really don’t love the idea of plastic. There’s an option for that, too! You can check out this iPrimio Stainless Steel litter pan which is extra deep and spacious for any larger feline friend that may use it.

 This may be one of the longest-lasting litter box options you can find because stainless steel is more durable than plastic in the long term but also won’t rust or become weaker like some other metals.

With rounded edges, a cat owner won’t have to worry about large breeds bumping into a harsher corner of this cat litter box.

best litter box for large cats

 The depth of this litter pan means that litter stays in, and even odor may be trapped a little more than in an open litter box that is shorter-sided. In addition, stainless steel happens to be very easy to clean and doesn’t stain, which makes your overall process easier. 

In the same way, the other litter pan products can; you can rely on this to fit into spaces that litter boxes might not. 

Dimensions: 23.5″L x 15.5″W x 6″H

Price Estimate: USD 68


  • Doesn’t stain, easy to clean out
  • Affordable and long-lasting
  • Simple design
  • Fits dynamically into smaller spaces


  • Higher sides may be more difficult for certain cats to access
  • Lack of a privacy cover could cause discomfort

iPrimio Non-Stick Plated Stainless Steel XL Litter Pan

The price of “iPrimio Non-Stick Plated Stainless Steel XL Litter Pan ” varies, so check the latest price at

5. Catit Jumbo Hooded Litter Pan

Catit Jumbo Hooded Litter Pan

If you associate the enclosed litter boxes with smaller cats, you aren’t alone. This Catit Jumbo Hooded litter box acts as a mini room for your cat to completely disappear into to do its business. The good news for large cat owners? It happens to be a jumbo litter box, and it is great!

 Your cat can get the same privacy it desires while locking in any odors thanks to the charcoal filter attached to this closed space. In addition, it can accommodate multi-cat households with large cats, even if your cats choose to go to the restroom together. (This is unusual but not unheard of!)

fat cat litter box

 Cleaning this extra-large litter box is extremely easy, thanks to its design. There is a large hood that lifts, like some other enclosed boxes, but because this Catit litter box happens to be jumbo, the hood itself is larger, and you’ll have more space to reach around and clean litter box as needed. It also comes with a swinging door.

Dimensions: 22.4″L x 18.3″W x 19.7″H

Price Estimate: USD 40


  • Large enough for multi-cat households
  • Great for large cats in general
  • Carbon filter and door to lock in odors
  • Privacy for your cat
  • Easy to clean


  • Might not fit in certain spaces
  • The plastic of the litter box is a bit thin and might need replacing

Catit Jumbo Hooded Litter Pan

The price of “Catit Jumbo Hooded Litter Pan” varies, so check the latest price at

6. Nature’s Miracle High-Sided Litter Box

 Nature’s Miracle High-Sided Litter Box

If your cat prefers an open litter box, this Nature’s Miracle High-Sided litter box is a great, inexpensive option. You can use it on the go, like if you’re bringing your cat on a weekend trip somewhere that you don’t want to lug a heavier, bulkier box.

 You can also use this as your cat’s primary litter box. It’s wonderful for cats that tend to be messy and need help keeping litter, and your cat’s waste, inside the box. It may not be the sleekest design, but this plastic black box is cheap, reliable, and easy to clean, which is not a bad trifecta.

 The bottom of the litter pan has a rough texture that requires a little extra work to clean, but the litter box has a non-stick coating and is primarily smooth, making it super easy to wipe down in between deep cleaning.

litter box for fat cats

 If you have senior cats, the low entry point can make a big difference in accessibility. On top of that, your cat still feels like it has privacy thanks to the high walls, and you don’t have to shell out quite as much money or sacrifice as much of your space. 

Dimensions: 17.8″L x 22.8″W x 11″H

Price Estimate: USD 21


  • Easy to clean with a non-stick surface
  • Low entry is great for less agile cats
  • Privacy for cats
  • Affordable
  • High sided litter box helps keep litter from being kicked out


  • Very basic
  • The rough texture on the bottom needs extra attention while cleaning
  • Doesn’t trap odors on its own

Nature’s Miracle High-Sided Litter Box

The price of “ Nature’s Miracle High-Sided Litter Box ” varies, so check the latest price at

7. PetSafe ScoopFree Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box

 PetSafe ScoopFree Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box

When I say that any style of litter box can be made available to your big cats, I mean it! As you might have gathered from the name, the ScoopFree litter box allows you to spend less time cleaning up after your cat, which means more time having fun together.

 You can choose to buy just the base or get a complete, covered litter box for your cat. This depends on your preferences, including how much space you have to fit your extra large litter box somewhere.

 The self-cleaning litter box relies on disposable litter trays, which can be quite costly. The good news is that you don’t have to replace them for weeks at a time, cutting down on your cleaning efforts and the money you put into this litter box.

 This PetSafe litter box has a lid and a plastic lining that keeps in odors, leakage, and litter that gets kicked around. For a self-cleaning litter box, you may be surprised that it appears relatively simple.

xxl cat litter box

The safety sensors ensure that scooping only takes place when your cat is outside the box, though, to create a safer, more comfortable environment when it comes time for your cat to relieve itself.

 Not only do the safety sensors protect your cat, but there is a health counter that monitors the frequency of use. This can help you catch any potential inconsistencies or issues and might indicate when you should head to the vet based on any drastic changes in bathroom habits.

 This automatic litter box uses crystal litter, which helps to dehydrate solids and absorb liquids. It happens to be dust-free, so you don’t have to worry about your kitty tracking its litter everywhere.  

Dimensions: 20.24″L x 19.1″W x 6.4″H

Price Estimate: $170


  • Waste drawer locks in odor
  • Health monitor can help keep your cat’s habits under supervision
  • A cover for privacy
  • Quiet operation
  • Crystal litter lasts longer
  • Safety sensors, so cleaning takes place when your cat is not inside


  • More expensive because disposable litter tray replacements require you to change the entire tray
  • Not good if your cat refuses to use the more automated litter and prefers a traditional enclosed litter box

PetSafe ScoopFree Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box

The price of “ PetSafe ScoopFree Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box ” varies, so check the latest price at

8. Kitty Go Here Senior Cat Litter Box

Kitty Go Here Senior Cat Litter Box

Okay, so I’ve mentioned accessibility for senior cats a few times now, and this spacious litter box takes the cake, in my opinion.

 While the walls may not be high enough to protect against your kitty kicking its litter out, they certainly are better for any cats with issues getting into higher spaces.

If you have a larger cat that is overweight or older cats with arthritis, this litter box helps keep your kitty feeling good without needing to jump up at all.

 Of course, like with the other giant litter pan-style boxes, you can keep the Kitty Go Here Senior Cat Litter Box underneath desks or higher shelves if you need to save a little space or create a covered environment for your cat.

large litter box for multiple cats

 A perk is that this comes in 3 different colors so that you can match it to the aesthetic of your space. I think that the taupe would fit best in any space because it’s neutral and understated.

I almost didn’t even notice this xl litter box until someone mentioned that it was in the corner when I was at a housewarming party a while ago. 

Dimensions: 24″L x 20″W x 5″H

Price Estimate: USD 40


  • Best litter box for older cats thanks to accessibility
  • Affordable option
  • Fits in tight places


  • Uncovered and might not trap odors as well
  • Might allow for a larger mess if your cat kicks litter out

Kitty Go Here Senior Cat Litter Box

The price of “Kitty Go Here Senior Cat Litter Box” varies, so check the latest price at

9. Van Ness High Sides Cat Litter Pan

Van Ness High Sides Cat Litter Pan

We’ve seen a good amount of open, relatively flat, large litter boxes on this list, but when it comes to flexibility of placement, I can’t recommend this Van Ness option enough.

 Instead of a standard square or rectangular shape, this one is triangular so that it can fit into any corner space that might be open for your kitty to do its business. Not to worry though, there is plenty of space, and it’s a great box for larger cats. The design just makes it more manageable for you.

 The finish is a polished and non-stick coating, making it easy to clean while remaining discreet. I’ve seen this quite a few times in spaces like dorm rooms and shared apartments where every inch of floor space really matters.

biggest cat litter box

 Also, a great litter box is always a worthwhile investment, but this one is less than USD 12 for the cat litter pan, which comes in blue, and it couldn’t be a better deal.

Even if you just need an extra large litter box as a backup or to bring along if you’re taking your cat to visit a friend or family for the weekend.

The walls of this high-sided cat litter box are high enough to keep most litter in, but the entryway might be more prone to having some litter kicked out of it. That’s simple enough to clean up, though.

Dimensions: 18.25″L x 18.5″W x 11″H

Price Estimate: USD 12


  • Best budget option
  • Fits extremely well into small spaces
  • Easy-to-clean smooth finish
  • A low-entry section creates accessibility


  • A slightly shorter entry area can allow litter to escape
  • Uncovered litter box won’t trap odors as well

Van Ness High Sides Cat Litter Pan

The price of “Van Ness High Sides Cat Litter Pan ” varies, so check the latest price at

10. Petmate Hi-Back Open Litter Cat Pan

 Petmate Hi-Back Open Litter Cat Pan

The Petmate JUMBO Hi-Back Open Litter Cat Pan is another great option, though less likely to fit underneath certain fixtures. It’ll still easily fit under a desk or certain other things, like an open-based kitchen island or other similar structures, when it needs to, though.

 The draw of this one is that it has a design that slopes up high in the back and lower in the front. The front provides an accessible entry point, but the higher back gives the impression that the box is more enclosed than it is, which might make certain cats much more comfortable when it comes to using the box.

xxl litter box

 The high walls are all tall enough to keep litter in and can help to avoid any urine from spraying, too. Since the box is uncovered, you might not have as much odor control, but that is what a good litter is for.

 You can clean this easily, like many others, thanks to the non-stick plastic used in the box.

 You might think a shape like this could be prone to tipping and spilling, but the base is reinforced, so it keeps everything in place and stable. 

Dimensions: 23.08″L x 18.77″W x 12.1″H

Price Estimate: $17


  • Extremely affordable
  • High walls are sloped and keep the majority of kitty litter inside the box
  • Non-stick plastic litter box is easy to clean 


  • Although sloped to be shorter on one side, some cats might have trouble entering slightly high walls
  • An uncovered box could make cats anxious

Petmate Hi-Back Open Litter Cat Pan

The price of “ Petmate Hi-Back Open Litter Cat Pan” varies, so check the latest price at

11. Petphabet Jumbo Hooded Kitty Litter Pan

Petphabet Jumbo Hooded Kitty Litter Pan

If you are looking for an option that is both simple yet covered and extra-large, the Pethabet Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Box is a great place to look.

 It’s a great cross between the simplicity and affordability of the Nature’s Miracle High-Sided Litter Box and the Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Box because it is both a covered box and a high-sided litter box while coming in different color options and has an easily removable hood.

best litter box for big cats

 The box is not only a great big kitty litter box but is also one of the best-enclosed litter boxes for multiple cats. Think of this sitting in the corner of a bathroom in a studio apartment, for example. It doesn’t take up a ton of space but is big enough to make bigger cats comfortable.

The cover may not be opaque, but it still makes your cat feel safe like it has the privacy it wants. As far as basic litter boxes go, it does a good job trapping odors, making your cat feel comfortable, and being easy to clean. 

Dimensions: 25″L x 19″W x 17″H

Price Estimate: $53


  • Works with multiple types of litter
  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • The removable cover makes cleaning easy
  • Various color options to choose from, making it easier to blend into your space


  • Privacy cover is transparent, which could bother some cats
  • The open-entry cat litter box might allow some litter scattering

Petphabet Jumbo Hooded Kitty Litter Pan

The price of “Petphabet Jumbo Hooded Kitty Litter Pan” varies, so check the latest price at

Choosing the Best: What to Look For

When it comes to the best extra-large litter boxes or any other litter boxes, there are a few things that pet parents should be looking for.

 These components will not only make your cat more comfortable but will help to create the household environment that you desire.

 So, what criteria should you be trying to check off your list? That’s easy! You want to ensure that the shape and size of an extra large litter box not only fits your cat but also makes it feel good about using the restroom.

Afterward, you’ll want to have a box that is great at locking in any odors and allows easy cleaning on both a daily and monthly basis. Oh, you also don’t want it to cost an arm and a leg, so keep an eye out for pricing!

 Let’s dive a little deeper into each of these considerations to help you make the best decision for you and your cat. 

Shape and Size 

Shape and size might be your first consideration when buying a litter box for your cat. You’ll want a shape that can fit into your space in a way that makes your cat comfortable and doesn’t make cat owners feel overly crowded.

 Regarding size, I recommend searching for products like the ones above that are marketed as ‘large’ or ‘jumbo’ litter boxes. When you have a big cat, finding something that feels spacious enough for it can be tricky.

So, start with this list but as you do your research, always look for something geared toward large-size cats to ensure a good space for your feline friend. 

Easy to Clean

 Easy to clean does not always have to mean self-cleaning or automatic. In fact, some of the easiest litter boxes to clean happen to be the simplest ones.

If you have an open-entry cat litter box made of smooth plastic or stainless steel, odds are you’ll be able to easily wipe it down and go through the deep cleaning process without much resistance. The non-stick coating also works wonders here!

When it comes to covered litter boxes that are manually cleaned, you should look for a top that pops off easily or where there is a wide enough opening for you to reach through as you go about your routine of scooping and daily maintenance practices. 


You also don’t need to spend a fortune on your extra-large litter box. Instead, focus on finding something that works for you and is reliable for a price you are comfortable with. I promise there is always something out there.

 The bigger litter boxes I’ve listed here not only range in their shape, size, and function but also in their price. If you need a cheaper backup or starter option, try one of the open litter pans that are reliable but super simple.

 If it feels like time to upgrade or to try something new, you can move to some of the covered litter boxes or even up to the self-cleaning options. Even within these categories, there are many different prices, sizes, and levels of operation to choose between. 

Powerful Operation

Operation refers to the more automatic, self-cleaning litter boxes and their capabilities.

 For example, do you prefer a litter box with a rotation cycle meant to knock out any clumped litter or one that can also count the number of uses and has a built-in health tracker?

 Perhaps you want a self-cleaning model that doesn’t require you to buy disposable pans continuously, but maybe you prefer the way that those work and can support your cleaning. Some things just come down to personal preference or your style of cleaning.

It could even be that other types of disposable litter boxes operate the best for cat owners like you.

 When it comes to more traditional top-entry litter boxes and litter pans, you can still question what kind of litter they support and if they will operate the way that you need them to in your space. 

Odor Control

Last but certainly not least, let’s not forget about the odor control your litter box can offer. This has a lot to do with the kind of litter used, but the box itself will dictate a lot of the odor that gets either trapped or released into your home.

 Of course, covered options with flaps that close will seal in odor better than open pans, but even covered boxes with open entryways will have different levels of odor control.

 When it comes to uncovered boxes, those with higher walls may also help to keep some of the smells and litter spray in, while those with shorter walls let more scents directly hit the air.

 So, size and shape are crucial not only for your cat’s comfort but for the general impact on your home.


How Big Should a Litter Box Be?

 A good general rule of thumb to follow is that a good litter box should be 1.5x the length of your cat’s body, excluding its tail. It should also be wide enough for your cat to turn around easily so that it can do its business with ease and comfort.

 You’d be surprised by how many litter boxes are technically too small for their larger cats, so keep this in mind as you search for the perfect size, especially if you have a larger cat. 

How Do You Choose the Right Large Litter Box?

 Choosing the right large litter box matters when considering your and your cat’s comfort. It should be based on some of the considerations we talked about above. Look for something that checks all your boxes. Size, shape, functionality, odor control, and price are all important factors you don’t want to compromise on unless you must.

I personally recommend figuring out which criteria you’d be willing to sacrifice for the other considerations. This will help you feel good about your decision while ensuring that your cat gets to be as healthy and happy as it can be. 

Do Cats Prefer Open or Closed Litter Boxes?

 Many cats prefer closed boxes because they feel they have the privacy they need to do their business without prying eyes on them.

 Some cats might get anxious in a more enclosed space and prefer an open litter box or cat litter pan.

 Sometimes, the perfect compromise is a litter box that has a clear cover. This can make the litter box feel like a safe, private space without the feeling of getting trapped. 

It could just take some trial and error to see what your kitty prefers. Research shows that the division between cats that prefer litter boxes open or closed isn’t significant enough to make a statement toward either.

 Most cats simply don’t care when it comes down to it. So, try out whatever option you think feels best for your large cat and go from there.

Final Thoughts

When you have a large cat, you want to give it the best resources to feel safe and comfortable in its given space. A litter box can be a large part of this, and you’ll easily see that your cat is happiest when it has the tools it needs to thrive. 

Remember, many of the best cat litter boxes are still technically too small for large cats based on the rule that they should be one and a half times the length of your cat’s body.

So, you should look for labels like ‘large’ and ‘jumbo’ to ensure your kitty has enough room to turn and stretch out as they use their litter box. 

Sometimes, finding the right products for your cat can be intimidating, but it’s important to do your research and know that you might need to be flexible and find a backup option if your initial choice isn’t the right fit. That’s natural and to be expected.

Happy shopping, friends!

Anna Shoultz
Anna has been working as a writer for over 6 years and loves getting to share information that helps readers. Whether that looks like products to use or ways to support pets, she enjoys passing knowledge on to others. Her work tends to vary, but animal writing has always been close to the center of her career and is a point of focus she always returns to. When she is not writing, she travels to new countries, spends lots of time with her close friends’ dogs, and works on other creative projects such as documentaries.

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