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Norfolk Terrier Dog Breed Information & History

Looking for a go-everywhere canine but in a compact size? If so, then the Norfolk terrier is one you need to adopt. Terriers of all types, let alone Norfolk terriers, love games and adventures, and despite their soft and fragile bodies, they hold an insane amount of energy, packed within them! That’s why Norfolk terriers […]

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9 Best Dog Leashes in the Market

I did a lot of dog breed research before choosing my first dog. More than anything, I wanted a walking buddy! Mozzie (pronounced like Ozzy with an M in front) has been the best walking buddy I could ask for. Even as a puppy, my little cockapoo walked a 5k with me. I tried to […]

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Marine Plastic Pollution

What Is the Issue? Our oceans sustain life. An abundant ocean can feed a billion people a healthy meal forever. But now they are being filled and killed by throwaway plastic that seriously threatens ocean health. Plastic waste is entering our oceans at a staggering rate of 11 million tons of plastic a year. This […]

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Stop Animal Testing

Animal testing is one of the most controversial topics in the world today. Many people believe experimenting on animals is cruel and unnecessary, while others believe it is a necessary evil. No matter what your opinion on the matter may be, there is no denying that animal testing is very real and vital for researchers. […]

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Hippopotamuses are large, round mammals native to sub-Saharan Africa. The name comes from the ancient Greek word “river horse or water horse.” After the elephant and rhinos, they are classified as the third-largest type of land mammal by the African Wildlife Foundation. Despite their physical similarity to pigs and other terrestrial even-toed ungulates, the closest […]

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8 Best Leather Dog Collars in 2022

Ever been in a situation in which you felt no one understands your point – not even the closest ones? And when you try to tell them what’s hurting you, they take it as your inappropriate behavior. Well, that’s exactly how your dog feels when you (his closest one) don’t understand his point (like Daddy, […]

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How to Train a Dog with a Shock Collar? All You Need to Now

Let’s face it: we adore our dogs. They’re fluffy balls of love and we can’t imagine our lives without them… But they’re not exactly angels all the time, are they? Take mine, for example. I love her to bits and remain convinced that she’s the cutest cockapoo around – but she barks a lot (especially […]

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How to Keep Dog in Wrought Iron Fence?

My dog is super adventurous, and that’s why he loves to do everything – especially the things which I don’t want him to do. For example, I tell him not to chew my charger lead, he does exactly the same. I tell him that he’s not allowed to sleep on my bed, and he slides […]

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How to Stop Dog Barking at Other Dogs Through Fence

My parents never allowed me to have a dog, and that’s why, I spent my entire childhood watching my friends, flaunting their dogs like trophies and pretending like the luckiest people for having a non-human best friend. Thus, after aching for almost twenty years, the very first thing I did, after moving out of my […]

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Wallaby Animals

Wallabies are small marsupials that look like a cross between a kangaroo and a deer and make adorable pets! They can be found worldwide in Australia, New Zealand, and North America. This post will take a closer look at these adorable animals, including some of their most interesting facts. So keep reading to learn more! Wallaby […]

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