January 20, 2023 Organizational 

What Is Littering? Its Causes, Repercussions & Possible Solutions Explained!

Littering is a problem that’s fairly common in our world and in fact has been a growing issue for decades. This type of behavior wasn’t an issue until around the 1950s when manufacturing began its comeback after the second world war. In turn, this meant that there was a huge increase in the production and […]

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How To Report Animal Abuse and Neglect – The Responsibility Lies On You!

Sometimes we need to make time to do the right thing. If an animal is being abused, it’s one of those times. You may not know how to report animal abuse, but you can find answers right here.  I’ve been an animal lover and advocate all my life. I think I was born with a […]

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January 6, 2023 Wild Earth Advocate Organizational 

The Deadly Effects of Animal Deforestation and Why its a Major Cause of Concern

Do you know that every second somewhere in the world, a forest roughly the size of a football field is cut down? That is almost two acres of forest that no longer exists. And more alarming is that research by the Center for International Forestry Research shows that undisturbed rain forests will completely disappear in […]

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