Megan Bryant

Megan Bryant

Megan owns two very needy but adorable Dachshund pups named Oakley and Cooper, who are the light of her life and the reason she’s awake at 6:30 am - not by choice, but because, according to her dogs, 6:30 is breakfast time, and they’ll stop at nothing until there is food in their bowls.
Growing up with pets all her life, Megan has become extremely passionate about animals and found a love for researching and writing about ways to care for and appreciate all species that call this Earth home. During the times she’s not busy working, you’ll typically find her cuddled up between dogs watching various TV series.

February 8, 2023 Dog Breeds Dogs 

Belgian Malinois – Smart, Elegant & Athletic Canine Breed!

If you saw a Belgian Malinois, you’d probably mistake it for a German shepherd, I know I initially would. But although the two look very similar, so similar in fact, that you’d think they’d be related, they’re actually two very different breeds with absolutely no relation to one another. Belgian Malinois are often called Mals […]

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